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Endurance Q4 2022 research plans

Green 532 nm DPSS Endurance laser R&D

Updated on 09/22/22


Endurance lasers LLC (DUNS: 040396344 / EIN 301168249) plans to work on some projects in late 2022

Endurance fiber laser converter with a board a portable handheld rust removal


Fiber laser repair. For that project we are considering Fujikura instruments.

Fujikura FSM-100p+
Fujikura CT-101
Fujikura CT52

Laser wart removal system.

For that project, we consider Microscopy Camera Axiocam 506 color (D)

Laser microscope — projector for small struckture detecion


X-ray non-linear crystals inspection. For X-ray inspection we plan to use the following devices 3001 | SB1661-02
Shad-o-Scan 4501 | SB1671-02

Our next step is to connect the X-ray emitter (I.A.E, Italy) C339 E/XM15 T 0.1/0.3 ( with a high-frequency power supply device of our own manufacture 23-35 kV up to 120 mA.
We might be using MYTHEN2 for Laboratories
These versatile X-ray detectors with a 50-µm strip offer high quantum efficiency for the widest X-ray energy range: from titanium (Ti) to silver (Ag).
For nonlinear crystals check we plan to use 3-axis Magnetic field Sensor FLC3-70
FLC3-70-HT, FLC3-70. Those sensors will allow us to measure of weak magnetic field for Lithium niobate (LiNbO3).

Laser R&D

Ti:Sapphire laser

At the moment we are looking for Ti:Sapphire laser by Coherent (complete installation: Mira 900-P + Verdi G10) and this laser module LMFC-405-PLR6-FCAPC-1K


Laser diode short pulses

We plan to work on short LD pulses like 0.1-10 ns and we plan to use following controller “Controller, PXI, PXIe-8840, Intel Core i7-5700EQ, 2.6 GHz, 4 Cores, 4 GB RAM, 34 Slots, Windows 10” & Keithley 2635B SourceMeter, 10A DC, 200V, 200W, 0.1fA / 100nV, 1 Ch.

All measurements we plan to make using a Keysight DSOS254A High-Definition Oscilloscope: 2.5 GHz, 4 Analog Channels  (current oscilloscope can we also used for laser pulse detection)


Near-infrared interference patterns.

To produce films for laser phase mixing we would need to use 3D surface measurement instrument. We consider using CT350T CT 350T / CT 250T – 3D surface measurement system for absolute thickness measurement by cyberTECHNOLOGIES


We are considering that a stable interference pattern is possible in the visible spectrum but in NIR as well. We plan to make some studies and research for 1060 nm wavelength and we consider ordering a single mode fiber coupled laser diode, 200mW @ 1060nm, QFLD-1060-200S.


75 watt DPSS

Green 532 nm DPSS Endurance laser R&D
Green 532 nm DPSS Endurance laser R&D

1. Testing with a new TEC cooling water chiller 
2. Testing pulse duration and pulse width with Cr:YAG / lithium niobate.
3. Preparing a new design for 200-500 watt system.
4. Working on  532 / 355 nm (SHG/THG) laser radiation.


85 watt diode

1. Improving on a laser beam quality
2. Testing a water cooling system
3. Development of a portable version of the system


25 – 50  watt FAP800 Coherent

Improving the power supply and laser controller.


Diode laser focusing

All calculations were made and we are waiting for components to arrive to make all tests and experiments

Diode micro lensing with fiber and small FAC lenses


We ordered lenses:

Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lenses

2/3″ sensor support, F1.4 brightness (exc:SV-5026H)
f6mm – f100mm, 13 models
Iris and focus are adjustable
All models filter-ready (VST filters are available)
f75mm・f100mm models support 1″ sensor

SV-H Series


10 watt DPSS beam quality improvement

We plan to make a smaller laser beam spot ~ 10×10 microns. Now we have about 25×25 microns with a short focal F=20 mm laser lens 


We will make a new version ver 1.3 of our 15 watt DUOS diode laser



The water cooling chiller is in development

Multi-purpose chiller is ready for Co2 lasers and DPSS laser modules with good temperature stability.

4.5 watt 532 nm green impulse laser is ready

Microchip laser is in the development stage.

Misc (potential project)

Explore Laser Tweezers



3-5X LD combination

Endurance starts working on 30 / 40 / 50 watt laser module


Laser mold removal with 3 watt 355 nm UV laser


Going concern projects


Laser thermal controller board

laser weed killer (destroyer)

Fiber laser upgrade package: PWM control box + focusing system

The Effects of Low Level Laser Light on Eyes

A universal autofocusing system for lasers — diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2. Laser focusing upgrade kit.

Endurance fiber coupled diode laser 440-450 nm 5.5 watt (5500 mw)

Multi-wavelength laser modules: 1064 + 445 nm / 808 + 445 nm / 1064 + 532 + 355 nm

An Endurance water cooling system (water + TEC Peltier chiller) — a chiller for your laser

Endurance lasers present a first unprinter. Removes paint on different surfaces.

Impulse laser drivers

LIBS / LIPS device. Explore the material with a laser induced plasma spectroscopy

Waist of single-mode laser radiation — determining the depth of focus.

Microchip lasers

For all our R&D purposes we are buying optics and optical components from Thorlabs, Edmund optics and Newport.


An Endurance laser lens optical system

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