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A study of longitudinal stable interference in the visible spectrum of laser radiation

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Studying the possibility of creating a stable interference pattern along laser radiation in air or in a gas similar to artificial fog.


The goal is to obtain an interference pattern along the 440-450 nm laser radiation using multimode laser radiation (it is possible to use single-mode radiation in the visible spectrum of class 3 laser diodes.)


The main criterion for the experiment should be a clear distinction between bright and “dark” regions along the laser radiation.


Suggested gas: air or artificial smoke

Estimated length of the laser beam, where stable interference should be observed 50-100 cm

Highlight Length: 1-10cm

The length of the dark area is 1-10 cm.

Distribution of bright and dark area: arbitrary.

Ability to control the length of the bright and dark area.


The result of the calculation should be a function that can be used to produce the required crystal / material by a binary method, with which it will be possible to obtain a stable interference pattern. Parameters for the plate manufacturer must be provided (lithographic method)




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