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Warranty, Return, Refund Policy. Customs.

Thanks for shopping with Endurance Lasers LLC.


Official PayPal Seal
Endurance is a verified paypal merchant.

We accept Paypal payment, VISA, MacterCard payments, direct deposits, wire transfers.
We also accept Bitcoins and Litecoins.

If you want to do a wire transfer, please, let us know, so we can send you an invoice for wire transfer (EUR / USD).

We are very flexible in terms of payment mechanisms.
Also please be aware that discounts are valid only during marketing campaigns and can not be returned if you placed and paid for the order already.


If you do not like our product – just simply send it back within 30 days after you got it and we will issue you a full refund.

For US customers we cover domestic return costs.


If the laser or engraving machines you got was broken or need a repair (could be caused by shipping) we can ship a new replacement as soon as you ship the original unit back to us.
We do provide a replacement for free and do not charge extra for shipping costs.


You have 30 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it and get a full refund. You do not have to explain to us your decision but any feedback will be very valuable for us.
To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition as you received it.

We issue a refund as soon as we get an item back.
Return the laser to a laser care center in Naples (FL, USA). Then we issue a full refund + US domestic shipment.


Sorry, but we do not refund your shipping costs for returning the item.
We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by customs or postal services.
If you have a preference for shipping carriers, we will honor it, but any additional shipping expenses are on you.
If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund.


We are proud of our laser quality and we offer a lifetime warranty on all our lasers.

Customs and delivery process

Endurance takes care of delivery and custom services if you buy a laser or engraving machine from us.
We file all papers for customs very carefully and you will have no issues with getting your laser or engraving machine.

Sometimes customs may ask for additional papers from you; just let us know we are ready to help!
We do everything for our customers’ satisfaction and respect all international laws.
Most of the units we ship are not taxable and have no import limitations.
We ship units from our US office and Russian office.
We use only priority and express postal services.

If you want an urgent or special courier such as TNT, FedEx, UPS etc, please let us know when you place the order.
However, it will require additional shipping payments to be made.

Our delivery services

USPS delivery

UPS delivery

EMS delivery

First class or priority delivery. US and Canada shipment within 3-5 days. Ultra fast express delivery. World wide shipment: 3-5 days. EMS priority delivery. World wide shipment: 7-14 days.


Endurance lasers are sold as is product and we do not follow any standards of assembling, soldering, etc. process.
All Endurance products are assembled in Endurance workshop and tested before shipment. That is why the final design and components might look different.
If your unit shipping is delayed, it is only because we do additional tests to make sure the product is 100% reliable and safe.
Endurance lasers are being certified in Russia.

The laser (add-on module) attachment or an engraving machine might look different when you get it. If you want to double-check, please ask us to send a photo before shipment.
We do not take responsibility if you have problems with the software while running the laser or engraving machine.
All the software we use and suggest is a free and mostly open source.

If you have any difficulties or need assistance, we are always open, via messengers, email, Skype, etc. and you may post your questions and concerns or in our facebook group.

Special disclaimer about Endurance DIY laser kit

Our warranty does not apply to Endurance DIY laser kit. It is considered that a user is quite experienced and knowledgeable to assemble and build his own unit followed by our guidance.
All our instructions are optional and not obligatory to follow. The maker takes all responsibility while assembling and testing.
All components are always carefully tested before shipment.

Lasers and engravers made by Endurance.

We do our best to support our customers in all cases.
Direct way to get support

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Laser cutting and laser engraving for home and for business.

Advantages of Endurance lasers

High-quality standard

Multi-level testing system.
Industrial components.

Ultra reliable

The guaranteed duration of the continuous operation ~48-72 hours.

True continuous power output

Our products have the rated power output as advertised – unlike Chinese analogues.

TTL mode

Can be turned on and off with 3.5-24V.
Variable power output.

Plug and play

Universal and compatible mount.
Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines.

Friendly return policy

Do not like the laser?
Simply return within 30 days and get a full refund.

Laser attachments and laser engraving (marking) machines.

Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from Endurance?

Real-time advice

We assist and give advice by Phone / Email / Facebook messenger / Telegram / Whatsapp / Viber.

Professional support

We help to install and tune the laser. We offer qualified after-sales support.

Everything you need

We ship everything you need in one parcel to get started.

Immediate delivery

We ship all units within 4-24 hours. DHL express delivery allows you to get the package in 3-5 days.

Lifetime warranty

All our lasers are tested and could work up to 10000 hours.

Upgrade option

Do you have an old model? Upgrade your unit with more powerful one.

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