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Assemble your own Co2 laser machine

Assemble your own Co2 laser machine

Part 1. Get all parts together.

To assemble your own Co2 laser machine you need to have something like 300-500USD and some skills and knowledge in electronics, optics, and metalwork


What do we need to make the first launch of the machine:

  1. Co2 tube
  2. High voltage power supply
  3. Water pump
  4. Water tubes
  5. mA ammeter
  6. Switch
  7. Potentiometer
  8. Mirrors
  9. Focusing lens
  10. Co2 nozzle
  11. Thermometer
  12. Some wires and aluminum sheets.


That is it to get started.

Co2 tube – make sure it has no damages. Glass is very fragile and has to make sure it is in a good condition

A high voltage power supply is needed to blast the Co2 tube. Make sure that you need a high-voltage power supply especially for the Co2 tube wattage you have.

Water pump – you may use a car washer pump to get started.

Water tubes – since the water will be under high pressure you need to make sure that is can be connected tightly and we recommend to use silicone wires.

mA ammeter is needed to be able to setup proper current. Keep in mind that since you have a very high voltage then the current is setup in mA, which is 1^-3

Switch – is needed to be able to turn on/off the laser, sometimes you can have a more complexed system

Potentiometer – is needed to be able to setup needed current, usually, a potentiometer should be in kOhm.

Once you setup all systems you would need to deliver the laser power and focus it at the end, therefore, you need some special Co2 mirrors and well as a focusing lens.


Schematic parameters:
Co2 laser schematic

Co2 laser schematic


Power parameters:
Current: 15 – 20 mA
Voltage: 21-25 kV


Water temperatuve < 30C

First launch live video


Components for 40/80/150/300 watt unit


Co2 electronics – 395$

Co2 mechanical part – 395$

Co2 coupler – 695$

Co2 fiber – 945$



Part 2. Mechanical part.

(to be continued…)

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