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An Endurance 80 watt Custom Co2 Laser Machine with 6×5′ (2×1.7 m) working size area

An Endurance 80 watt Custom Co2 Laser Machine with 6x5' (2x1.7 m) working size area

Endurance lasers present an industrial Co2 engraving and cutting machine

with a huge working area (6×5′) [2×1.7 m]. High velocity + ultra-high precision.

Endurance Lasers LLC offers a custom Co2 engraving/cutting machine that can operate (suitable for) with various Co2 tubes. At the moment the CO2 laser is one of the cheapest options and has a low specific cost per watt of radiation. There are 40-600 watt Co2 tubes available on the market now. Common CO2 tubes have a power ranging from 40W to 100W. The laser is powered by a high-voltage source of approximately 10 … 40 kV, depending on the power. The size of the tube depends on the laser power: the more powerful, the longer the tube, and the diameter also increases.

The good thing about Co2 tubes is that the beam quality is quite high so that it is easy to focus it in a small laser beam spot.

Imagine. Create. Enjoy!

The machine itself has an aluminum frame with stainless steel guides and belts driven by stepper motors. In this type of frame, Nema23 stepper motors work fine. The work is carried out under the control of special controllers from the program (RdWorks) on the computer.

We use a high-quality stepper motor driver from Leadshine.

On an Endurance custom frame, we can install a spindle, a diode laser, and even a solid-state laser if needed.

Keep in mind that the laser radiation is potentially dangerous and it is necessary to operate the laser wearing special protective goggles (with at least OD>5) and it is better to have an enclosure as well.

Be careful when contacting the high-voltage part of the equipment. Be sure to connect the ground connection to the high-voltage part and to the machine body.

We also recommend using a fume extractor while laser cutting.

Keep in mind that to operate a Co2 laser you need a chiller – the device that cools down the laser tube itself. The temperature of the tube should be less than 30C.

That is why we recommend using 2 types of industrial chillers.

The wavelength of the Co2 laser is 10.6 uM while a diode laser has a wavelength of 445 nm which is 20 times less.

The laser cutting machine is a working area with a mechanism for moving mirrors and lenses.

The laser radiation comes out of the tube, hits a mirror mounted at 45°, and turns the beam 90° into the working area. The next mirror is fixed to the profile of the X-axis and moves along with this axis. It also rotates the beam by 90°. On the axis itself, a carriage with a special head (laser barrel, laser focusing head) is installed, in which, in addition to another mirror that turns the beam from the horizontal plane vertically down, a focusing lens is installed that collects the laser beam to a point. Thus, the laser radiation moves in the XY plane.

We also recommend using compressed air all the time when you do laser cutting. We used Hailea ACO-500 with 420 l / min and pressure of 0.05MPA, a higher pressure may be also used.

Keep in mind that most Co2 tubes have a lifetime of 3000-10000 hours so replace the Co2 tube once you see the power loss.

You can control our machine via USB or Wi-Fi.



First launch of the laser machine

Wood / plywood C02 Co2 laser cutting

We cut:

  • 3 mm (1/8”) MDF
  • 5 mm (3/8”) plywood
  • 10 mm (5/12”) plywood
  • 12 mm (1/2”) plywood
  • 24 mm (1”) piece of wood

Running on RdWorks software

  • Using the same power: 95%
  • Laser cutting speed: 15 mm / sec
  • 80 watt Co2 tube
  • Hailea 500 watt ACO-500 420 l / min air compressor





Metal engraving with a Co2 laser

Plywood cutting speed can vary: 50-75 mm / sec, power 95%

Acrylic cutting speed can vary: 25-40mm / sec, power 95%

MDF cutting speed can vary: 100 mm / sec, power 25%

MDF engraving speed can vary: 200 mm / sec, power 15%

Stainless steel engraving speed can vary: 200 mm / sec, power 90%
Titanium engraving speed can vary: 200 mm / sec, power 50%

More cutting abilities with a Co2 laser

Tech specs of an Endurance 80 watt Co2 laser machine

NameEndurance Custom 80 watt Co2 machine
Total size X x Y x Z2550 x 2370 x 500mm
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Working size X x Y2035 x 1655 (6 x 5′)mm
Z-axis height for a diode laser max100mm
Max Travel Speed (X / Y / Z)

Optimal Travel Speed (X / Y / Z)



meters / min
Motor Drivers (X / Y / Z)Leadshine 552
Steps / mm (X / Y / Z)
Communication InterfaceUSB
Control BoardRuida 6442G
Software SupportRdWorks / Lightburn (optional)

Autocad / CorelDraw can be used with RdWorks plugin

Supported OSWindows 7/8/10
LaserEndurance 10 watt (wavelength 445 nm)

80 watt Co2 (wavelength 10.6 um)

Total power supplywatt
Air assistAir compressor Hailea ACO-500

1 x air nozzle for a Co2

420 L / min
Warranty1 year
MaintenanceKeep the frame and the laser clean
Laser Box Size XYZ650 x 500 x 220mm
Emergency control of the working areaSoftware + Hardware
Supply Voltage240V AC
Co2 laser-beam focus2-3 mm
Co2 laser lens20 mm diameter / 100 mm focus
Laser beam divergence3.1mRad
Laser beam spot0.3mm
Laser focal depth7.5mm


  • Laser lens package (optional)
    Focus range in inchFocus range in mmLaser beam spot in mmLaser focal depth mm
  • Cooling chiller for Co2 tube is required (CW3000 / CW5200)

An Endurance 80 watt Custom Co2 Laser Machine with 6x5' (2x1.7 m) working size area

Item Specifics
Warranty :2 years
Weight :23KG
Model :S&A CW3000
Country/Region of Manufacture :China
MPN :0298000192503
Brand :S&A
MPN :0298000192503
Brand :S&A
  1. 1400W cooling capacity; optional environmental refrigerant;
  2. Compact size, long working life and simple operation;
  3. ±0.3℃ precisely temperature control;
  4. The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control modes, applicable to different applied occasions; with various setting and display functions;
  5. Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm;
  6. Multiple power specifications; CE approval;RoHS approval;
  7. Optional heater and water filter.



Components list

Laser components

High voltage Co2 laser power supply

Holder for laser tubes with a diameter of 80mm x 2PCS

Mirrors  d = 25mm x 3 PCS

80 Laser tube PURI PRR-1200

Focusing lens: Lens d = 20 mm, f = 63 mm


Electronics components

Power supply AC/DC 48V 12.5A x 2PCS (power for X1, X2, Y, Z axes)

Power supply AC/DC 24V 10A x 1PCS (Ruida power)

Power supply AC/DC 24V 0.42A x 1PCS (emergency end-stops)

Electric opening switch 6A

DC/DC+ Mo2 (power + controller of a diode laser)

Security switch (on/off the machine)

Emergency stop

Control box (transportable)

Active fan cooling

Mechanical components

X axes:

Aluminum profile 40×80 – 2 x 2.5 meters

Profile guide 15 mm – 2x 2.5 meters

Belt 20 mm XL 5.08- 2×3 meters

Motors: Nema23 ST57-100x 2PCS



Aluminum profile 40×80 – 2 x 2 meters

Profile guide 15 mm – 2x 2 meter

Belt 10 mm XL 5.08 – 4.5 meters

Motors: Nema23 ST57-100x 1PCS


Z axes:

Motors: Nema23 ST57-75 x 11PCS


Connector X with Y Aluminum profile 40×80 – 2 x 1.92 meters

Extra X with Y connectors 20×40 – 2 x 1.92 meters




Cutting abilities (material / thickness / speed / amount of repeats / laser power)

80W CO2 laser
MATERIAL (3mm)SPEED (mm/sec)POWER (%)
Laser Plywood15-2070


laser cutting abilities with different Co2 power


Co2 laser cutting speed for different laser power tubes (thickness | speed in mm per second)

Thickness in mmThickness in inch40 watt60 watt80 watt100 watt130 watt150 watt180 watt
Acrylic3 1/88203035404550
5 1/55151620212530
8 1/3451012121520
10 2/51367101116
15 3/5                  –134579
20 4/5                  –                 –11,5235
301 1/6                  –                 –                  –                  –                  –11,5
MDF3 1/89152023253033
5 1/55101315182125
10 2/5                 –35791214
15 3/5                 –                  –235710
20 4/5                 –                  –                  –11,523
Wood3 1/810152025303540
5 1/55101520253035
10 2/5                  –4812152025
15 3/5                  –                  –48111518
20 4/5                  –                 –                  –122,53
Fabric1 layer4060100200300400500
Leather1 layer10202530405060
Paper1 layer8012020                –                 –                –                 –
Rubber4 1/615253035404550

Engraving abilities

A starting point for the power setting when engraving is 30-35%.

A higher percentage will increase the power and produce a deeper engraving, while a lower percentage will decrease the power and produce a shallower engraving.

The depth of the engraving will also depend on the material which is being processed (softer materials can be etched away more easily than harder materials).


Laser power test stability

Final CNC frame tests

CNC test check reportElectronics
Final testControl board stability
Working sizeLaser temperature
Max cutting speedFocusing
Max engraving speedLaser beam spot
Z-axis lengthMotors test
End stopsDrivers test
PhotoengravingFirmware test
Home positionResonance test
100 repeats test
MAX / MIN travel speedMechanical
Laser engraving parametersBacklashes
X-axis travel speedXY vibrations
Y-axis travel speedZ-axis vibrations
The maximum workpiece heightZ-axis power
The maximum workpiece heightStepper motors temperature
Machine weight

Total costs and time consumption:

Costs for componentsCosts
Co2 laser + all accessories700 USD
Diode laser + driver + DC/DC600 USD
All Mechanical parts1300 USD
All Electronics parts1400 USD

Total costs for components: 4000 USD


Time consumptionHours
laser installation and aligning10
Total testing20
Total hours spend on the project: 350 hours

The total price for an entire unit including air compressor and the chiller is 9500 USD (without the shipping costs)


Full components list (PDF)

RdWorks user manual

Users manual for software RDWorksV80.325318474

RDC644XG Controller User Manual


Changing modes in Ruida from Co2 into diode laser mode

For CO2 laser and diode laser to work, you need to change the profile in the memory of your Ruida controller.
I’ll attach it to my email.
If you are using a diode laser, load into memory
If you are using a Co2 laser, load into memory
To download a profile
1. Run the rdworks8 program (pic1)
2. File -> Vendor settings (pic2)
3. Enter the password RD8888
4. Open – select the desired profile (pic3)
5. Write -> Exit
6. Reset the Ruida controller with the reset button


Files >>> co2 vs diode on ruida


Different laser power options

laser cutting and engraving abilities of co2 laser different power output

30W / 40W / w60W CO2 Laser Tube 
30W/40W/60W CO2 Laser is suitable for fine surface engraving. Design for hobbyists, crafters to cut thin materials (<3mm) and engrave fine quality pictures on a smooth surface.

80W/90W CO2 Laser Tube 
90W CO2 Laser is suitable for laser marking, laser cutting, and laser engraving which is the ideal choice of a laser cut on thin plates include perspex, softwood, etc laser cloth cutting, and marble marking.

100W CO2 Laser Tube
100W CO2 Laser is suitable for leather carving and hollowing-out or embossing, cloth cutting, lampshade making, signs, marks and artwork processing and truly boasts excellent engraving and cutting performances.

120W/130W CO2 Laser Tube
120W/130W CO2 Laser is suitable for the cutting of die-cutting plates,  thick acrylic plates, and so on. It is widely used in the packaging industry which uses large quantities of medium-density fiberboard and plywood cut by die-cutting machines. In addition to the packaging industry, this Laser is also popular in the signage industry with the prominent usage of perspex, light guiding plates and display screens.

150W/160W/180W CO2 High-Power Laser Tube
Our 150W – 180W CO2 Laser is capable of cutting thin metal plates.


Learn more about our custom frames >>>

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How to upgrade your CNC or engraving machine for the work with a Co2 laser tube.

Comparison of a different types of lasers and different wavelength



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