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Education center

On this page we would like to give you a full guidance how to work with Endurance lasers.

There are several aspects you need to know:

0. Safety

Remember that you deal with class 4 laser equipment that is why you need to wear protective goggles all the time when you work with the laser (including setup and mounting processes).
A fire extinguisher should be close at hand all the time.
Never leave the laser unattendant!

Keep your working place closed so that no one could come in without protective goggles.
Never allow children to be at the place where a laser is working!
Education center

1. How to mount the laser.

Endurance lasers have compatible mounts so you can attach our laser to any 3D printer or CNC machine.
You just need to screw on the laser to the place where the mill or extruder was/ is.

In case you need a specific mount – please let us know or order “Additional laser mounts” for 29.95$
Education center

2. How to connect the laser to your control board.

Endurance lasers require 12V and 2-8 amps power (depending on the laser type).
If you have enough of power output on your controller board just connect the laser to your controller board.
If you have a PMW connect the TTL wire (small wire) to your PWM output.
If you do not have a PMW then simply connect the TTL wire (small) to a 12V+ power output (the laser will do full power all the time)

Education center

3. How to generate a g-code for laser cutting or laser engraving
To start an engraving / cutting process you need to use either the existing software that works with vector or raster images or create your own g-code.

There are a lot of solutions to generate a g-code. For example, you may use the Endurance g-code plugin or Endurance line shading extension for the inkscape software. Another g-code plugin is distributed by JTech Photonics and you may find it on their official web site.
We also recommend the T2Laser software if you need advanced settings for g-code generation.
Mind that parameters may vary on different machines.
For example, the laser power setup may be S255 or L255 (max power)
To start or turn off the laser the M03 / M05 commands are mostly used.

How to use an Endurance plugin for Inkscape. G-code generator extenstion.

Endurance Line Shading Extension (plugin) for Inkscape software

4. How to focus the laser
Laser focusing is one of the most important thing you need to do correctly, if your laser is not well focused then the quality of engraving might not be good enough as well as laser cutting might fail.

Endurance lasers are shipped with a regular 3 elements lens (long focal lens) with a 2-10 cm focal range. The best focus range to be setup is 7.5 cm from the laser to the engraving / cutting surface.
A G2 lens is a short focal lens with a 2-10 mm range. The best focus range to be setup is 6 mm from the laser to the engraving / cutting surface.
Please note that a G2 lens is more efficient and powerful.
The laser focusing process is well described in our video.

Education center

5. What parameters do you need to setup for cutting / engraving.
If you want to do a nice laser cutting or laser engraving, you need to keep in mind 3 parameters, that you can change to get the best result:
– Laser intensity (can vary from 1%-100%)
– Laser speed (can vary from 1 up to 1500 on most XY plotters, 3D printers)
– Number of laser passes ( the number of times you want the laser to run the same image)
Laser cutting guide book for CNCC LaserAxe

The right setup of these 3 parameters will ensure the best results.
We provide our customers with full guidance and tutorials with tested parameters, however, it is all individual and depends on many factors, such as: color of the material, humidity, temperature, etc.
We hope that now you are ready to getting starting with Endurance lasers.
If you still have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to assist you further.

So, hope that it helped you a lot with getting started with Endurance lasers.
If you still have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to assist you further.

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