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About diode (solid-state) lasers.

Laser cutting and laser engraving for home and for business.

Advantages of Endurance lasers

High-quality standard

Multi-level testing system.
Industrial components.

Ultra reliable

The guaranteed duration of the continuous operation ~48-72 hours.

True continuous power output

Our products have the rated power output as advertised – unlike Chinese analogues.

TTL mode

Can be turned on and off with 3.5-24V.
Variable power output.

Plug and play

Universal and compatible mount.
Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines.

Friendly return policy

Do not like the laser?
Simply return within 30 days and get a full refund.

In this article I want to highlight the key difference between diode, CO2 and fiber lasers.

Let’s start with diode lasers.

Diode lasers

About diode (solid-state) lasers.About diode (solid-state) lasers.

The basis of a solid-state diode laser is a laser diode. Laser diodes can have various values of the emission wavelength. Most of them have 405 nm – 808 nm. The laser diodes usually have TO3, TO5, TO9, TO18 housing.
What makes them different is their sizes.

A laser diode needs a laser driver.

A good laser driver is a vital component for the laser lifetime.

These diodes are very sensitive to the initial voltage and current.

About diode (solid-state) lasers.
Every type of diodes needs their type of drivers. For example, the driver from NUBM44 or NUBM47 will not work for the M140 diode. A high-quality laser driver is able to stabilize current and maintain constant values of the current and voltage going directly to the diode.

Another important thing is the cooling of the laser diode. As a rule, laser diodes are installed in copper modules like this.

But this copper module is yet unable to effectively give off the heat generated by the diode if the power of the diode exceeds 0.5 watt (500 mW).

It requires an additional heatsink.
The copper laser module can be inserted into a heatsink like this.


Testing and measuring laser power using a calorimeter


Special aluminum laser heatsink by Endurance production

Endurance laser heatsink 12 mm

But even inside a copper laser module inserted into a better heatsink, the diode can still generate too much heat, that is why additional air cooling with, let’s say, a regular fan of 40 x 40 mm or 50 x 50 mm in size, is needed to solve the problem.

Cooling of the laser diodes is very important. The cooler the module the longer the lifetime of the laser, the higher the laser power.

The cooler the laser diode the more powerful it is.

When all the basic components
1. laser diode
2. laser driver
3. laser copper housing
4. additional heatsink
are assembled together, it is necessary to choose an optimal focus mechanism for the laser.

About diode (solid-state) lasers.
About diode (solid-state) lasers.
Most lasers can operate with 2 types of lenses:
a 3 element long focal lens
or high quality G2 short focal lens.

The difference between these 2 types of lenses is the focal range. A 3 element lens can have the focus range of 2-10 cm while the focal range of the G2 lens is 2-10 mm (10 times less than the 3 element lens focal range).
The G2 lens is more efficient and mostly used for laser cutting.
About diode (solid-state) lasers.

The final thing to do after the laser focusing mechanism selection is encasing of the entire laser module.
The laser housing should be compatible with 3D printers and CNC machines otherwise the laser will not work with them.
Endurance laser modules do not require additional mounting and fastening tools to be installed.

One may ask, what is so cool about diode lasers comparing to fiber lasers and CO2 lasers.
The key advantage of a diode (solid-state) laser module is its small size and weight (about 200 grams or about ½’’). Its small size makes it possible to install the laser-like this almost on any 3D printer or CNC machine.

The diode laser does not require any additional power supply source (12V and 7-8 amps power is max what it needs). This is another important advantage of the diode laser.
About diode (solid-state) lasers.
The small size and compatibility of the Endurance diode lasers with most 3D printers or XY plotters make the diode lasers a great tool for laser enthusiasts, hobbyists, and makers.

Skeptics might say that CO2 40W laser tubes have the same price as 8 watt or 10 watt diode lasers.
But a high-quality CO2 tube with 40W-60W output will be more expensive rather than to what people think considering a purchase on Aliexpress or eBay.

Another disadvantage of these tubes is their fragility and big size. You cannot install any of them on a 3D printer or CNC machine.
CO2 tubes are compatible only with special plotters that also require special power drivers. Besides, it is important to bear in mind that the power consumption of a CO2 laser machine is much greater than that of a diode laser machine.

As for fiber lasers, they simply do not have separate modules that can be attached to a current chassis. A 10 watt – 20 watt fiber laser machine will probably cost something like 10-15K USD which is dozens times higher than the price of a diode laser machine.
Of course, fiber laser machines have a lot of advantages in comparison with CO2 and diode laser machines. This is an expensive industrial equipment, not affordable to beginners and intermediate experienced tech guys.

In conclusion I’d like to mention that diode (solid-state) lasers have a great potential and are a perfect solution for those who wish to upgrade and bring extension to their 3D printers or CNC machines.
A lot of nice things such as: photo engravings and engraving on metal can be done with 8 watt, 10 watt lasers with 445 nm wavelength.
About diode (solid-state) lasers.

Everything you need to know about the laser

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About diode (solid-state) lasers.
About diode (solid-state) lasers.

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