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Custom CNC frame design. Get your own special CNC frame for you and your business!

Custom CNC frame design. Get your own special CNC frame for you and your business!

We make custom CNC frames for makers, hobbyists and professionals. A CNC frame can be equipped with a spindle, Co2 laser, diode-pumped solid-state laser, fiber laser, diode laser, plasma cutter, etc.


CNC frame 100×60 cm (40×24”) working size with Z axis for 15 watt dual laser system

Mechanical components

Our CNC frame is made of an aluminum profile 20×40 mm, has a Y-axis drive via XL-5.08mm 10mm belt. For high precision we use a profile guide 15 mm with pulley z – 20 teeth bore 6.35 mm.

High precision & a high speed with no vibrations are keys mechanical features of this frame.


Electronic components and wiring

We pay much attention to electronics components. All components are being securely tested before installing them.

In this frame, we used a CNC xPRO V4 Controller (by Spark Concepts) and Leadshine stepper motor drivers.

2x stepper motor drivers
3x NEMA stepper motor enginers
CNC xPro ver. 4

However, a Ruida controller (RDC6442G) can be used upon request.

Keep in mind that low-cost electronics that are used on such frames ar Ortur, Genmitsu (Sain Smart), Eleksmaker, CNCC Laseraxe, etc can not be used on a professional machine.


Endurance lasers make and deliver custom CNC frames of all sizes for different industrial applications: milling, cutting, engraving, marking. Multi-level testing system. Ultra-high reliability.


Tech specs

Name Endurance Custom CNC frame 1
Size 825 x 1070 x 332 mm
Material Aluminum Alloy
Working Area 450 x 750 mm
Max Z Travel 60 mm
Max Travel Speed (X / Y / Z) 3000 / 3000 / 100 mm / min
Accuracy 0.01 mm
Motor Drivers (X / Y / Z) Darxton ST57-76 /

Hanpose 23HS7628S /

Darxton ST57-76

Steps / mm (X / Y / Z) 104.588 / 104.509 / 199.1
Communication Interface USB
Control Board Spark Concepts CNC xPRO V4
Firmware Grbl 1.1h
Software Support LaserGRBL, LightBurn
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10
Laser Endurance 15W “Duos” Laser Beam System
Power Supply Box Size 350 x 430 x 160 mm
Air assist 2 x air nozzle ver. 1.
OS Win / MacOS
Warranty 1 year
Maintenance Keep the frame and the laser clean
Laser Box Size 181 x 162 x 106 mm
TEC Control Box Size 134 x 115 x 45 mm
Supply Voltage 240 V AC


We have huge expertise in building all types of custom CNC frames.

Our recent projects.

A CNC vertical frame 2×2 meters (6×6′). Lead time 4 weeks.

Building a 2×2 meter frame >>> for laser cutting, laser engraving and CNC milling (PDF updated)

A CNC vertical frame 6×4 meters (18×12′). Lead time 4 weeks.

A huge CNC frame 6×4 meter (18×12′). Ultimate laser engraving machine

All Endurance frames are assembled, tested and ready to go!


Examples of our CNC frame abilities.

Metal engraving with a 10 watt DPSS laser module.

Metal engraving using a 15 watt “Duos” Endurance laser


Photo-engraving on stainless steel

MDF / plywood (laser ply) cutting. Live test!


Live video of laser engraving on granite using 15 watt “Duos” laser.


Other examples: engraving on leather, glass, acrylic, and ceramics.

Live laser engraving demo


Engraving on a transparent acrylic and glass


Before the shipment, we make all necessary final tests


Final CNC frame tests

CNC test check report Electronics
Final test Control board stability
Working size Laser temperature
Lightburn PWM
Max cutting speed Focusing
Max engraving speed Laser beam spot
Z-axis length Motors test
End stops Drivers test
Photoengraving Firmware test
Home position Resonance test
100 repeats test
MAX / MIN travel speed Mechanical
Laser engraving parameters Backlashes
X-axis travel speed XY vibrations
Y-axis travel speed Z-axis vibrations
The maximum workpiece height Z-axis power
The maximum workpiece height Stepper motors temperature
Machine weight

Getting started: guides and tutorials.

GRBL firmware configuration

readme 1-LightBurn setup

readme 2-Driver setup

readme 3-First start LightBurn

readme 4-Operating procedure

DHL express delivery worldwide.


The estimated price range for CNC frame (different sizes and different modifications) *

Working size of a CNC frame Mechanics costs Electronics costs Assembling Total costs Lead time DHL express delivery costs
minimum, USD optimal, USD minimum, USD optimal, USD minimum, USD optimal, USD minimum, USD optimal, USD 3-5 days
1×1 m (3×3′) 750 1000 750 1000 750 1500 2250 3500 3-4 weeks 1000
2×2 m (6×6′) 2000 3000 2000 3000 2000 4500 6000 10500 3-6 weeks 2500
3×2 m(9×6′) 2500 3500 2500 3000 2500 4875 7500 11375 3-8 weeks 3500
3×3 m (9×9′) 3000 4000 3000 3500 3000 5625 9000 13125 4-8 weeks 5000
6×4 m (18×12′) 5000 7500 4000 5000 4500 9375 13500 21875 4-8 weeks 7500

* those prices are given as an average estimation.


Our CNC frame can be equipped with a:

  • Diode laser (1-20 watt),
  • DPSS laser (1-10 watt),
  • Spindle (up to 2.2kW),
  • Fiber laser (30-200 watt),
  • Co2 laser (40-500 watt),
  • Plasma
  • Knife.

There is an opportunity that it will be a combo “2 in 1” or “3 in 1” like DPSS+Spinder+Diode.

We can add a vacuum cleaner, a fume extractor, an enclosure, and a working table upon request.

We also can build a CNC frame that will operate in a horizontal and vertical position.


Basic mechanical components for a CNC frame:

We always use aluminum profiles for the mainframe.
We use guides with a deviation of not more than 5 microns (0.005 mm)
To move the carriage we are using a helical rack, or using a ball screw pair, or using belts.

  • Gearboxes (are used to reduce the load on a stepper motor.)
  • Worm gearboxes
  • Structural shapes (are used to connect the frame)
  • Aluminum shapes: 40 x 40 – 60 x 120 mm (basic construction material for a frame)
  • Steel guides (are used to secure accurate movement)
  • Metal belts (are used for the movements)
  • Shapes connectors (are used to connect all elements)
  • Aluminum sheets (are used for a custom development)
  • Runner slides
  • Cylindrical rails (are used for the movement, more accurate comparing to belts)
  • Runner blocks
  • Helical rack modules (are used for the movement.)
  • Screw (helical) gear modules (are used for the movement.)
  • Ball screws (are used for main connections)

Basic electronics components for a CNC frame:

  • Stepper motors with encoders (are used as a main component for the movement)
  • Drivers of a servo-stepper motor (SSM) (are used to control and operate the motor)
  • Microswitches
  • Signal cables (are used to wire control)
  • Power supply cables (are used to feed components with power)
  • Connectors (are used to make connection easy and nice)
  • Controller with/without a display
  • Flexible plastic cable ducts (are used to carry cables)
  • Mount for a cable ducts

An example of an Endurance 600x400x150 mm CNC metalworking machine. Full components list a PDF file >>> CNC frame components list


An example components list of 100×100 cm light CNC frame (3,28′ x 3.28′ )
Stepper motors Nema 23 – 3 pcs (X/Y axis)


An example of a 20 x 40 cm (8×16”) light CNC frame machine with belts




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I have read and agree with the Endurance privacy policy