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Endurance fiber coupled diode laser 440-450 nm 5.5 watt (5500 mw)

Endurance fiber-coupled laser 445 nm

Endurance fiber-coupled diode laser 445 nm wavelength


5.5 watt optical output SMA 905 output


TOP SALES! The best laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine / engraving frame.


Our laser system specification

Wavelength (nm) 445+- 2 nm
Operating mode CW
Output power (mW) 1-5500
Fiber core diameter (um) 100/ 200/ 400 / 600 / 800 /1000
Fiber connector FC/ PC or SMA905
Power stability (rms, over4h) <5%
Operating Temperature(℃) 15-30
Power supply 5VDC 90-264VAC
Modulation TTL/ Analog (Optional)
Expected lifetime 10000
Warranty 6 months

Note: Customized work available on request.

Estimate ВРР = (laser beam radius) х (numeric apperture).

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Laser beam radius 0.1mm, NA 0.22 = 220 mRad.

BPP ~ 22 mm*Mrad

Fiber Coupled Laser Module with 5.5 watt (5500 mw) optical laser power output

Endurance offer different core diamter fibers: 105-1000 um MM fiber or SM fiber.

If you need a special optical system – we can make it.


The FC series (Fiber Coupled Laser System) integrates laser diode, laser cavity, fiber coupled optics, laser power supply, LD current and crystal temperature control into ONE box. The power is available for 1mW-15W with different dimensions. The characteristics of compact design and convenient functions make it very suitable for pumping, scientific research, industrial and medical applications.


Special offer multi-wavelength fiber coupled laser system are designed with integrated electronics and easy operation. 2~6 wavelengths can be combined into one box. USB or RS232 connector is optional.


Emdurance lasers can supply the even beam distribution of laser modules and laser systems, features a flat beam profile with different wavelengths. They are suitable for the fields of medical treatment, ultraviolet curing, fluorescent detection, criminal investigation and scientific research.


Endurance Fiber Collimator design for

Single-mode fiber with core diameter 4-9 μm
Multi-mode fiber with core diameter 50-1000 μm

Used to collimate the beam at the end of fiber
Focus adjustable collimator optional


We can develop a green and a red laser-based system designed and performance-optimized to be the ultimate tool for trace evidence detection, particularly of latent prints. It is a compact forensic light source for use in crime labs and at crime scenes, as well as for covert and homeland security applications.




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