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Endurance lasers: all about cutting and engraving abilities of diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2 lasers, UV (355 nm)

CuproNickel metal engraving

10 mm (2/5″) wood and plywood laser cut with Endurance 15 watt water-cooled laser.

An Endurance 15 watt (real power output) water – cooled laser with an autofocusing system. Cuts 10 mm of wood (2/5″)


Thick wood / plywood laser cutting with Endurance REAL 15 watt DUOS water cooled laser


Impressive laser cutting of 10 mm (2/5″) wood.
Cutting “LOVE” outline shape.


Exploring diode laser, DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser, fiber laser, and Co2 laser abilities – cutting, engraving examples. What you can cut or engrave with different types of lasers.  LEARN MORE NOW!

Diode lasersLaser diode

Diode lasers are good for all types of cutting of soft materials including wood, plywood, dark acrylic, leather, felt, fabric, cardboard, hardboard, etc. The diode laser can engrave (etch) on all surfaces including glass, transparent acrylic, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and titanium. The diode lasers are a universal tool. For engraving on transparent materials, you need to use a cover or a coating.

Key advantage: portable and can be installed on any 3D printer, CNC frame and gantry.


DPSS laserEndurance lasers: all about cutting and engraving abilities of diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2 lasers, UV (355 nm)

DPSS lasers are good for metal engraving (marking). Real metal marking including in-depth marking. DPSS lasers can also engrave transparent materials like glass, acrylic, etc. The DPSS is more for metal engraving/marking.

With DPSS laser you can also do color engraving on glass, sapphire glass, titanium, and stainless steel. To get that you would need to setup different power, amount of repeats, focus, and speed.

Key advantage: a great tool for metal marking and metal engraving.


Co2 lasers

Endurance lasers: all about cutting and engraving abilities of diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2 lasers, UV (355 nm)
40 watt Co2 tube

A co2 laser is a great tool for almost all types of cutting and engraving. 40 watt Co2 laser is mostly for engraving many materials excluding metal and all Co2 lasers can cut transparent acrylic. The only type of laser that can cut transparent acrylic.

Usually, Co2 lasers have more power and can do faster engraving or cutting comparing to diode lasers however they are not as portable as a diode and can not be installed on some small gantries >>>

Key advantage: very universal and can cut clear and white acrylic.



All you need to know about diode and Co2 lasers

Diode lasers vs. Co2 laser tubes. Advantages and disadvantages

Fiber laser

Fiber lasers can be used in many areas as well but can not cut transparent acrylic. The main application for fib

Endurance lasers: all about cutting and engraving abilities of diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2 lasers, UV (355 nm)

er lasers is an extremely fast engraving on all surfaces and cutting of thin metal like steel, brass, copper, and stainless steel.

Color engraving on metals with fiber lasers is much easier compared to DPSS. You need also to setup the number of repeats, power, speed, and focusing range.

Key advantage: ultra-fast laser engraving.





If you want to learn more about cutting abilities or what type of laser will be suitable for you – you may ask us directly in a LiveChat!


Our customer from Greece made this piece of art.

Plywood cutting with an Endurance 10 watt laser

A live video from our customer (part 1), (part 2)


A diode laser for your business and for your workshop.

Mounting an Endurance 10W Plus Pro on a Longmill MK2 CNC.


Innovative violin with the engraved score


Color (YETI) laser engraving on titanium using 30 watt Raycus fiber laser installed on Endurance DIY Galvo marker

Laser paint removal from fabric (Norton Method) [NWT]

Laser paint removal from granite (Norton Method) [NWT]

Our customers make, support, help, and share laser engraving/cutting ideas in our Facebook community. Join and learn more



A real Endurance customer is reviewing our 10 watt PLUS laser live.


An Endurance 4 watt DPSS 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser

A photo laser engraving on a black PLA plastics

In-depth metal engraving.


An Endurance 10 watt DPSS 1064 nm Nd:YAG (impulse laser)

Stainless steel DPSS laser engraving
Stainless steel DPSS laser engraving

Adding aluminum tracks on a tape – detailed video.

Can be used in microelectronics as a computer loop

PCB laser cutting

A quick and easy process to cut a PC board.


Glass laser cutting with 10 watt DPSSL and short focal (f=20 mm) laser lens

An innovative method of a glass cutting with the laser.

Adding additional letter on Apple Macbook using Endurance 10 watt DPSSL</3>


1.8 mm (1/14”) regular (window) glass (BK7) cutting – complicated shape

You may cut a fully transparent glass with the laser even a complicated shape.

2D laser engraving inside a transparent acrylic

Engrave the photo or the image inside the acrylic

Sapphire glass laser cutting

Sapphire is very hard to cut but with a DPSS laser you can cut it very well.



Mirror engraving (painted) / mirror cutting

Make your mirror special.

Fiber cloth / fiber glass laser cutting

An effective way to cut fiber cloth and fiber glass.


Engraving on a transparent acrylic (plexiglass)

An interesting way to engrave a transparent acrylic/plexiglass.


Engraving (marking) on stone / rock / granite

You may engrave stone / rock / granite with the laser not with the dremel.


Metal photoengraving (engraving on brass). A picture of “It”

A photo engraving on a pure brass plate.


Ceramics engraving on a rotary system

Make your tea or coffee cup special.


Thin metal cutting. Max cut is ~ 0.5 mm (1/20″)


Plastics (white card) laser engraving.

Mark and engrave plastic cards for your business.

An Endurance 15 watt dual-beam laser “Duos”

The most powerful diode laser on the market with real power output.

Transparent acrylic and glass engraving. All you need to know about it.

Leather and ceramics engraving

Fast and accurate leather and ceramics engraving.

Real metal marking (etching). Great results.

Use a diode laser for metal etching.


Metal engraving with thermal grease (CPU paste). Awesome pictures.

More tests with metal laser etching



Plywood and MDF cutting. Cut up to 3.2 mm of MDF (1/8”)

MDF is hard to cut but with 15 watt DUOS laser it can be cut clean and fast.

Fabric (textile) laser cutting with 15 watt water – cooled laser installed on CNC 3018


Engraving on granite, cardboard, titanium, stainless steel.

More experiments with 15000 mw real power output laser.


Acrylic welding experiment. Combine 2 parts together.


10 watt Delux

The best “value for money”

A great piece of are was made by Jos van Hoff

Endurance lasers: all about cutting and engraving abilities of diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2 lasers, UV (355 nm)

“My project from today, Engraved on a piece of white trespa. 243x347mm .1 layer of white acrylic lacquer and 1 layer of black acrylic lacquer Engaveed with the Endurance 10w Delux on my OLM2.
Speed: 4000 mm/min
Power: 75%
Engraving time ~3 hrs.”
Watch a live video from a Facebook >>>


An efficient cardboard and paper cutting

Use the laser for fun and business.


PLA plastics engraving

Industrial plastics engraving / marking.


Anodized aluminum engraving

Make your original business cards


10 watt “Invincible”

Different tests on CNC 3018 machine. Explore laser abilities.


Foam rubber cutting

Use the laser for packaging.


Foam cutting. Impressive depth results.


Acrylic (plexiglass) cutting


Photoengraving process on a plywood

Make a nice photo on wood / plywood.

How to make a photo engraving on plywood with 8.5 watt diode PRO laser



Engraving on a slate



Fabric cutting


Leather photo engraving


Glass engraving

The laser can do a glass engraving!


Foam cutting for business

laser foam cutting


A real review of Endurance laser abilities by DatuLab.TECH

What can you cut with an Endurance 10W+ Laser


An Endurance Co2 upgrade kit (40 watt Co2 tube)

A wooden DIY clock


Photo engraving on black glass (painted)

A custom 80 watt Co2 laser frame 



An Endurance 80 watt Co2 galvo head installed on a unviersal laser frame: MDF, plywood, acrylic, PLA lastics laser cutting live video test


30 watt Raycus fiber laser installed on a DIY Endurance galvo system

Ultra-fast metal engraving (marking)


Photoengraving inside the thick transparent acrylic


Cutting 0.5 mm aluminum


An alternative way of mirror engraving

Endurance machines for business

Ultra accurate laser cutter (3 watt 355 nm UV laser module)

Kapton laser processing

DIY acrylic chess


DIY PCB Making with 4 watt DPSSL installed on CNC 3018 frame


Color engraving on the sapphire glass


Endurance makes and delivers 4 types of lasers: diode, DPSS, Co2, and fiber.


Comparison of a different types of lasers and different wavelength


Diode laser and DPSS is completely Endurance production while Co2 tubes and fiber laser emitters are not.

For diode laser and DPSS we have our own proprietary building technology. We install Co2 cuts on custom frames or use them in an upgrade pack. Fiber laser emitter by Raycus (30-50 watt) laser output is used in our DIY galvo machine.


TOP — 20 things you can make with the laser


The Best laser engravings made by Endurance customers


The Top 10 Things You Can Do with a Diode Laser


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