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All abilities of an Endurance 10 watt DPSS laser module

10 watt DPSS laser module

Engraving on rock, stone, granite – all you need to know!


Engraving on jewelry – cufflinks, rings, earings.




Laser mirror engraving (polished metal)




Color laser engraving – all you need to know about “tint colors”





Endurance make high-end lasers for business and for hobby!

Metal laser engraving. Getting different colors.


Adding aluminum tracks on a tape


Laser photo engraving using 4.5 watt DPSSL 532 nm (green laser)


More laser engraving using 532 nm green laser DPSS module






Laser photoengraving on aluminum – all you need to know





Laser engraving on a coffee cup – detailed video about using A axis.



Coffee thermos laser engraving. Adding A axis on the frame.



Engraving on transparent film. (PET / PETG plastics)




Engraving a tablet using 10 watt DPSSL



Metal engraving laser test.






Endurance on plastics (white cards)

Get the best laser from Endurance lasers


How to create aluminum tracks on the tape. Adding them with the laser

Adding aluminum tracks on a tape

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