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Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice. All you need to know about Basic GCode for Grbl, Spindle speed and Laser Power, Setting up a Laser, Tuning GRBL Settings

GRBL firmware

The .zip files contain both the document.pdf and sample files, code  generators….. All these guides are based on a small router using the Grbl system. If your router uses another variant such as Mach3 they are still of use but the detail only applies to Grbl based systems.


Introduction to the CNC process,  terminology and setting up a small Grbl based router. If you are starting out I suggest you read this first.

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice – Getting Started (PDF)

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice – Getting Started (ZIP)


Describes how the spindle speed commands in GCode for Grbl have been reused to control laser power and how the settings in Grbl make a difference to how you should control the laser power you want.

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice – Spindle speed and Laser Power (PDF)


A guide to optimizing the setup parameters in Grbl to maximize the efficiency, speed and control that you want over the Laser and router.

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice – Tuning GRBL Settings (PDF)

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice – Tuning GRBL Settings (ZIP)


A guide to setting up a laser, adjusting the focus and setting the focus point, testing the focus and settings.

Introduction to CNC for the Total Novice – Setting up a Laser (PDF) Introduction to CNC for the Total Novice – Setting up a Laser (ZIP)


A guide of the control commands and Gcode that can be used on a Grbl based machine, what they are and what they do.

Introduction to CNC for a Total Novice – Basic GCode for Grbl V1.0 (PDF)


Endurance means high-quality laser and ultimate tech support


Graham’s mount of Endurance lasers to  CNC 3018 (air nozzle ver 1.0) extra.

Download STL files from Thingivers >>>

Check more useful STL on our Thingiverse >>>



About Graham Bland

Realized I didn’t want to be a Mechanical Engineer a long time ago so became a computer programmer (IBM 360 assembler to start with). Stayed in IT as it came to be known going through Payments Systems, Money Market and FX trading systems, PC Support Manager (when they were new!), Trading room decision support….  Became an IT security architect mainly on the Cryptographic systems side, then an IT Security consultant. Later went into business on the internet and ran transactional websites and online advertising, then retired.

Played with Arduino microprocessors, Discovered CNC, Lasers and 3D printing a few years ago and these have been my hobbies ever since. It mirrors one of my greatest achievements which was achieving  98% mark on the end of year exam in woodworking at school in 1970!




GRBL compatible boards

2 axis

Stepper Motor Control Board Driver 2 Axis For DIY Laser Engraver Benbox GRBL

2 Axis Control Panel Board for DIY Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Benbox GRBL


3 axis

DIY CNC 3 Axis Laser Controller Board GRBL Stepper Motor Driver Board Engraving

3 Axis GRBL CNC Router Engraving Machine USB Port CNC 3018 Control Board Card EU

Digital 3 Axis GRBL CNC Router 1.1f Engraving CNC 3018 2418 Control Board V3.4

3 Axis USB GRBL USB Driver Controller Board for Laser CNC Engraving



GRBL compatible MakerBase MKS DLC ver 2.0 board. Uploading GRBl 1.1f firmware.

Getting started with Lightburn software – settings and parameters.



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