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A Co2 upgrade kit for your 3D printer / CNC machine or an existing plotter

Endurance offers an upgrade kit for your existing CNC machine, diode engraving machine or a 3D printer.

The purchaser of this kit must take full responsibility for their safety when using these products.

Laser energy can instantly cause severe eye damage and blindness, ALWAYS wear your safety goggles whenever operating any laser equipment.


Upgrade your existing machine and cut and engrave like a PRO!


We offer 3 packages for :

  1. 40 watt Co2 laser tube – 700 mm
  2. 80 watt Co2 laser tube – 1230 mm
  3. 150 watt Co2 laser tube – 1830 mm


You get from Endurance lasers:

  1. A mount for your Co2 tube
  2. Holders for mirrors
  3. Focusing lens + mirrors
  4. Co2 power supply
  5. Infrared visualizer
  6. Laser head set
  7. Universal controller for your Co2 tube
  8. Wires
  9. Protective goggles
  10. Protective shields
  11. Protective goggles
  12. Drag chains


Components for 40/80/150 watt unit

40 watt80 watt150 watt
Tube holder
Power source for 40 wattPower supply 80 watt ES80Power supply for 150 watt Z150
Lens 12 mm ZnSeMirror holder 25 mmMirror holder 25 mm
Mirror 20mm МоLaser head for mirror 25 mm +  lens 20 mmLaser head for mirror 25 mm + lens 20 mm
Head for 12 + 20 mmMirror 25 mmMirror 25 mm
Mirror holderLens 20 mmLens 20 mm

Package 1: 745$

Package 2: 1295$

Package 3: 1795$

What do you need to order locally.

  1. A Co2 tube.
  2. A chiller.
  3. Fume extractor.


Recommended price range

Items40 watt80 watt150 watt
Co2 tube180$ 232$500$ – 536$1795$
A chiller400$660$660$ – 1900$
Fume extractor540$

Total costs

180$ – 1120$

500$ – 1700$

1795$ – 3695$


We provide a full guide of how to add a Co2 tube to your machine, mount it and then align the laser beam and then focus it.


Keep in mind that 10.6 um wavelength radiation is not visible so you need to operate and hear protective goggles.

Before running the Co2 tube make sure that water chillers cool the laser tube.

Operating a Co2 tube without an enclosure is strictly forbidden.

If you plan to cut anything you need to add a fume extractor (air ventilation system)


The acrylic, metal enclosure can be built upon request.






This optics/mounting kit is intended for experienced hobbyists and experimenters ONLY.

The buyer of this kit MUST have experience working with laser energy and be familiar with all safety precautions required when operating laser equipment.

The seller of this kit TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY for the proper use of this equipment or for the safety of the buyer.

The buyer of this kit TAKES FULL RESPONSIBILITY for using these components properly and safely in an environment that presents no danger to themselves or others.

If you have concerns please contact us at +12393020053 or via LiveChat or via email: [email protected], prior to using any of the components in this kit !!!


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