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CO2 Laser machines review. TOP-26 Co2 machines – best picks!

Co2 machine
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What is a laser?

Laser is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Simply put, light is amplified and radiated. The difference is the method used to magnify the light determines the type of laser itself.


The difference between diode and CO2 lasers

Diode lasers are also called semiconductors lasers, as they use semiconductors. Light is emitted by passing current through a semiconductor then a lens, and that light is used for various applications. They are widely used in our daily lives from laser printers to optic disks, such as DVD’s CD’s etc. Diode lasers have the advantage of being small and are low voltage, low current, and therefore are often mounted on small laser cutters and CNC machines.

Kumar Patel

The CO2 laser is one of the earliest gas lasers. Developed by Kumar Patel in 1964, and it is still one of the most useful lasers today. With its high power and levels of control, CO2 lasers can be used for applications requiring precision, mass production, and most importantly, personalization. CO2 laser engravers and cutters are highly precise and can be used to create designs, decorations and the like on just about any material you can think of, including wood, plastic, metal and paper.


How CO2 lasers work

The light produced is very powerful compare to normal light, because the tube of gasses is surrounded by mirrors, which reflect most of the light traveling through the tube. This reflection of the light causes the light waves being produced by the CO2 to build in intensity. The light increases as it travels back and forth through the tube, only coming out after becoming bright enough to pass through the partially reflective mirror.

How does Co2 laser work

Although the highest-powered CO2 laser runs over 1000W, those used for machining, are generally between 25W-100W; by comparison, laser pointers are a few thousandths of a watt. Because it is in the infrared, it has a very long wavelength, around 10.6 micrometers; it is much longer than visible light, which runs between 450 and 700 nanometers. As continuous lasers go, the CO2 type is the most powerful in production.

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What materials work with CO2 laser cutter/engraver machines

All the machines in this review will engrave and cut the same materials but at different thicknesses. Laser wood cutting


      •  Wood
      • Acrylic
      • Plastic
      • Leather
      • Fabrics
      • MDF
      • Rubber
      • Fiberglass
      • Foam
      • Corian
      • Paper
      • Cardboard


Laser engraving examples

  • Metal *
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Fabrics
  • Glass
  • Melamine
  • Phenolic
  • Rubber
  • Cork

* Coated metal, anodized aluminum, and painted metal

Endurance lasers: all about cutting and engraving abilities of diode, DPSS, fiber, Co2 lasers, UV (355 nm)


Review 26 machines

In this review, I will be breaking down 3 price points. Starter being under $1000, Budget being under $5000 and the Mid-Range being under $10,000.



There are 2 machines in this price group

MachinePriceWattageWorking AreaOverall SizeAuto FocusSoftwareMax Z-depth Laser Tube Estimated LifetimeCuttingResolution
OM Tech – DF0812-40BG$529,9940W8” x 12”32” x 20” x 10”No LaserDRW2.5” up to 2,000 operation hours 3 mm (⅛″)Up to 1500 dpi
K40(china)$300-$50040W8″ x 12″31.4″ X 19.6″ X 9.8″No 40 Whisperer, LaserDraw, CorelDrawNot Listed1000-1300 HoursUp to 1/4”1000dpi


My pick for this price point is the K-40 as you can order it with the functions you want, and it is very upgradable.

40 Co2 machine


K40 laser machine feedback
Real customer feedback about K40 laser machine. Be very careful with their support



There are 15 machines in this price group.

MachinePriceWattageWorkingOverall SizeAutoSoftwareMax Laser TubeCuttingResolution
Area FocusZ-depthEstimated LifetimeThickness
OM Tech – MF1220-50$2 299,9950W11.5” x 19.5”40” x 26” x 25”NoRDWorks,9”depth up to 2,000 up to 1/4″ Up to 2540 dpi
 LightBurn operation hours
OM Tech – MF1624-55$2 499,9955W15.5” x 23.5”45” x 30” x 27”NoRDWorks,10” up to 2,000up to 1/4″up to 2540 dpi
LightBurnoperation hours
OM Tech – ZF2028-60$2 899,9960W19.5” x 27.5”47” x 38” x 36”NoRDWorks,8” up to 2,000up to 1/4″up to 2540 dpi
 LightBurnoperation hours
OM Tech – AF2028-60$3 099,9960W19.5” x 27.5”47” x 34” x 37”YesRDWorks,11”up to 2,000up to 1/4″up to 2540 dpi
 LightBurnoperation hours
OM Tech – AF1630-70$3 099,9970W15.5” x 29.5”49.6” x 34.3” x 36.2”YesRDWorks,8” up to 8,000up to 7 mmup to 2540 dpi
LightBurnoperation hours
OM Tech – AF2435-80$4 549,9980W23.5” x 34.5”57” x 42” x 38”YesRDWorks,8” up to 8,000up to 9 mmup to 2540 dpi
 LightBurnoperation hours
OM Tech – AF2028-80$3 449,9980W19.5” x 27.5”47.2″ x 34.2″ x 36.6″YesRDWorks,11” up to 8,000up to 9 mmup to 2540 dpi
LightBurnoperation hours
OM Tech – MF2028-100$3 999,99100W19.5” x 27.5”47” x 34” x 37”NoRDWorks,11” up to 8,000up to 10 mmup to 2540 dpi
 LightBurnoperation hours
BOSS LS-1416$3 997,0050W14”x16”61.5″ x 36.6″ x 45.3″YesLightBurn8”Not Listedup to 3/8”Not Listed
Laguna PL 12 | 20$4 999,0040W 12″ x 20″ 10″ x 27″ x 40″yesRDWorks12”Not ListedUp to 1/4”Not Listed
FLUX BEAMO$2 299,0030W 11.81″ x 8.27″ 24.21″ x 17.52″ x 6.97″NoBeam Studio1.77″Not ListedUp to 5mmUp to 1000 dpi
FLUX BEAMBOX$4 099,0040W15.74″ x 14.76″9.85″ x 31.49″ x 26.38″NoBeam Studio3.15″Not Listedup to 10mm 500 DPI
Full Spectrum$3 500,0040W 20” x 12”32.3” x 20.3” x 8.5”No Retina 2.5”Not ListedUp to 1/4”Up to 1000dpi
Laser Muse CoreEngrave v3.0
Glowforge Basic$2 995,0040W 11″x 19.5″38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″yesNot Listed 2″Not ListedUp to 1/4” up to 1355 DPI
Glowforge Plus$3 995,0040W 11″ x 19.5″38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″yesNot Listed 2″Not ListedUp to 1/4” up to 1355 DPI

My pick for this price point is the OM Tech – AF2028-80. It has the best features for the money

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. Co2 machine




There are 9 Machines in this category

AutoMax Laser TubeCutting
MachinePriceWattageWorking AreaOverall SizeFocusSoftware Z-depth Estimated LifetimeThicknessResolution
OM Tech – AF2440-1005 299,99100W23.5” x 39.5”63” x 48.8” x 39.4”YesRDWorks,8”up to 12,000up to 10 mmup to 2540 dpi
OM Tech – AF3555-1306 699,99130W34.5” x 54.5”79” x 61” x 39”YesRDWorks,8”up to 12,000up to 12 mmup to 2540 dpi
OM Tech – AF4063-1507 999,99150W39.5″ x 62.5″86.6″ x 60.6″ x 37″YesRDWorks,8”up to 12,000 up to 15 mmup to 2540 dpi
BOSS LS-16206 497,0050W15.5 x 20.5″65.5″ x 37.5″ x 44.5″YesLightBurn8”Not ListedUp to 1/2”Not Listed
BOSS LS-16306 997,0070W 15.75″ x 29.50″65.5″ x 37.5″ x 44.5″YesLightBurn8”Not ListedUp to 1/2”Not Listed
Laguna SmartShop®8 999,00100W36″ X 24″55″ x 53-1/2″ x 42″yesRDWorks7”Not Listedup to 3/8”Not Listed
 Laser | MX
Dremel DigiLab LC40-017 701,0040W20″ x  12″7 7/8” x 32-1/3” x 20 3/8”NoNot Listed7”Not ListedUp to 1/4”Up to 1000 dpi
FLUX BEAMBOX PRO5 199,0050W 23.62″ x 14.76″9.85″ x 38.98″ x 26.38″NoBeam Studio 3.15″Not Listedup to 12mmUp to 1000 dpi
Glowforge Pro5 995,0045W 11″ x 19.5″38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″yesNot Listed 2″Not ListedUp to 1/4” up to 1355 DPI

My pick for this price point is OM Tech-AF3555-130. It gives you the biggest work area for the best price. Co2 best laser machine pick

***All of these picks are my opinion only ***

Written by Nicklas Morey


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