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My Endurance Laser Experience by Charles Williams

photo engraving on wood

My name is Charlie Williams and I live in Albany, NY. About 2 years ago I saw an article online about a DIY laser engraver build and I had to try it. I built my first CNC laser engraver using a cheap Chinese 5W laser. I was using an Arduino board and a relay to control the laser. As you can guess I was pretty limited to what I could make. I started making some basic “Crystal Grids” for my wife.  My wife is a Yoga Instructor as well as a certified Crystal Healer so a bunch of her clients started asking if I could make some for them. At that point, I decided to make an Etsy page named White Lotus Wood to start selling the grids and some other basic signs. I then built a CNC router and started selling carved items on our page.

Over the first year, I started getting a lot of orders and realized my cheap Chinese laser was just too underpowered and too slow to keep up with the orders. I then started researching higher quality lasers when I found Endurance Lasers store. I read reviews and watched all the videos posted on the Endurance website. I had a lot of questions and George was quick to answer them all for me. I felt very comfortable making my purchase of a 10 Watt Endurance Laser.

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When I received the laser it was simple to set up with my current Arduino board. I built a faster and larger gantry to mount the laser to. With the higher powered laser and the TTL control board I was instantly making higher quality designs at a much faster speed.  Within a few short days, I was making detailed photographs as well as cutting through ¼ inch birch plywood. If I wanted my designs any other shape than just square I would have to create another g-code file and use my router to cut out the design. This was very time consuming since I had to line everything up perfectly to get it to cut out properly. I was constantly ruining designs and having to remake them. With the Endurance Laser, I can now cut any design out without ever removing the piece of wood from the cnc laser.

Since I began using the Endurance Laser my Etsy business more than doubled and I now have my own website that I sell my products on. I also have been getting a lot of followers on our Instagram Page @Whitelotuswood. Last year, when I was still using my Chinese laser I took my designs to a health and wellness expo to sell them. I sold a bunch of items and people were impressed with my work. Just last weekend I went to the same expo with all of my new items since I changed to Endurance Lasers and 2 different people said to me “wow your designs are getting so much better and more detailed.” My response to both of them as I bought a new laser and it makes all the difference.

Another thing I love about Endurance is the community of people that use the lasers. The Endurance Facebook page has been a great resource for design inspiration as well as getting answers to all my questions. It has also been enjoyable helping others just getting into laser engraving with their own questions. I am excited and look forward to what Endurance has come in the future. Below are some images of my designs using the Endurance 10W laser.


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Best Regards,
Charlie Williams

White Lotus Wood

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