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My Experience With Endurance by a happy customer Helge Dokken

The Endurance 10 Watt+ (10000 mW) laser "Invincible plus" module (add-on) with 445 nm wavelength for any 3D printer / CNC machine

Here is my experience with Endurance and their double 10W laser combo.


TOP SALES! The best laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine / engraving frame.

I have had mine for roughly 6 months now, have not had time to use it as much as I would like, maybe 20 Hrs.

And also keep in mind I am not a professional, I am using this for my hobby and not in a professional environment.

But I will be honest and write the good and the bad from my own experience.

From day one contacting George at Endurance the service and customer contact has been fantastic, any questions I have asked George has followed up on in a very good way.

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When I first received it I became a bit worried, it looked kind of homemade and a bit rough.

The first thing I opened was the control boxes and they looked like had been printed on a bad 3d printer, warped lid/top just not looking good. So here I hope and think Endurance will improve, they might already have. For me it was a quick fix, I made a new enclosure/box for the electronics.

And also one of the boxes had a broken fan, so all in all first impressions were not so good.

So, after leaving it for about a week in the box I finally found some time to hook it up and do a bit of testing.

To this day I have only used one of the two lasers, the second one is not yet tested or used.

My plan was to use one configured for cutting and one for engraving, but have not found time to set this up yet.

The lasers come ready to use with connectors on both the laser and control box, so setup is quick and easy.

I have an X-carve CNC I have configured for use with my laser, so after hooking it up on that, I was ready to fire it all up for a test run.

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And man this thing has a lot of power, I got a bit WOW 😊


I first used the engraving lens that comes pre-installed on the laser, and the engravings I did came out beautiful, thin sharp and very clear lines.

With the kit there is also a second lens that produces a more concentrated/powerful beam, this is designed more for cutting.

So I changed to this, and YES it sure does cut.

So far I have tested it on wood and leather.

5mm plywood it did in one pass with a nice and clean cutline, WOW!!!

Leather is also something I plan to use more, but for now, I have just engraved and cut twice.

But also here it worked very very well from what I can see.

On light brown leather the engravings where crisp clear and very detailed, impressive.

And also when I cut leather it was a great outcome

I used 2.5mm light brown and it cut it like butter, and also here the cut lines were perfect.

I would have liked to use the workshop and the lasers a LOT more then I have, but sometimes life just won’t let you have the time. So this is not a big assay over 100`s of Hrs, with detailed parameters and such. Just my experience for the time I have used it.

So am I happy with endurance lasers, definitely a big YES

Can I recommend endurance lasers, I definitely can


And just to add one last thing, I think the service and follow up is one very important part of a product.

Off Corse the quality is important, but without good customer care, I won’t find security in a company or product.

And with Endurance and George, you get them both, quality in the product and great customer care.

And also from their Facebook page, they are getting a bigger amount of users and a growing community for each day,and that also is great when you want tips and tricks around the use of a specific laser.


But to sum it all up and come to a conclusion, this is it 😊


I definitely will recommend buying a laser from Endurance, buy with confidence.


So if I look past the broken fan and poor quality housing on the 3D printed housing I am a very happy Endurance customer.


So all there is for you to do is to get out and get one for yourself, and make some great laser products 😊

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And a note to you George, if you fix the housing, make it better looking with a better finish, I think you will have a killer good product, or maybe I am just being a little bit too stuck on detail and finish 😊

Regards a happy customer
Helge Dokken

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