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How to make a DIY acrylic calendar – all you need to know!

A DIY acrylic calendar

A detailed guide of how to make an original acrylic calendar using a 2 mm fully transparent acrylic (plexiglass)


What we need to get started:

a СО2 laser machine with 40 watt laser power output

– acrylic 2 mm thick
a box for work with acrylic
– acrylic paint
– a masking tape
– dichloroethane
– cotton-wool sticks or a brush
LightBurn program



First of all we need to cover the acrylic workpiece with masking tape. Later on at the step of painting, we’ll use it for a stencil. The tape should cover the entire surface of the acrylic on one side.



Parameters definition – settings

To define parameters we focus the beam on a waste piece of acrylic covered with masking tape too. Then by trial and error we find parameters for the best result.

– cutting: power 100 %, speed 380 mm/m
– engraving: power 40 %, speed 6000 mm/m.

acrylic masking tape

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Anyway, they might be slightly different in your case. So you’d better test these parameters first on a waste piece of acrylic and adjust the values if needed.

Then we recommend that you test the paint. If it’s not good enough for your acrylic it might go crazing.


The main part of the laser process

Now it is safe to process a real workpiece.

How to make a DIY acrylic calendar - all you need to know!

Don’t change the order of the steps. Do engraving first, then cutting.

Co2 laser engraving

Co2 laser cutting

Acrylic painting

At the end before painting it is necessary to brush well the engraved areas. To protect the attaching holes from the paint you can make a cardboard stencils as shown in the photo.

We use special acrylic paint.

Acrylic painting

Acrylic paint Acrylic paint spray

After the paint has dried we peel off the masking tape carefully.

Part of a calendar


Acrylic cleaning

To join firmly all the details together we use glue for plastics dichloroethane.

Acrylic glue

How to use glue

Using a cotton-wool stick we glue all the joints.

Glueing acrylic

Now we have an original calendar made by ourselves.

A diy acrylic calendar


Download g-code (LE5040 SainSmart control board)

Calendar 2021


Enjoy and if you have any questions – please ask us in a Livechat!


More about other types of calendars.

Now in the 21st century, there are many variations of the calendar. Most often, people use the calendar on their phone. This is really handy as there are many different additional functions. It is possible to create a schedule for a specific day, turn on a reminder, for example, about the upcoming birthday of your friend.
But despite all the advantages of electronic calendars, paper, plastic calendars are still relevant. You can, for example, put a small paper calendar in your wallet, so it will always be at hand.

Also, a calendar can be an interesting decorative element. There are many options for the original calendars that are easy to use and will look great in your workplace.


Pictures of other calendars

DIY calendar DIY calendar DIY calendar DIY calendar DIY calendar DIY calendar


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