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Getting started with Endurance DIY engraving / cutting machine

Detailed guidance of how to start working with Endurance DIY engraving machine

How to work with Endurance DIY desktop laser machine

What you need to do first and how to prepare to start working with the engraver
Endurance DIY engraver

0. If you did not buy in Endurance, then you will need to assemble the machine.
If you bought from us, then the machine is already assembled.

1. Check the completeness: engraver itself, power supply, USB cable, goggles and the laser (CD disk can be included as an optional)
Getting started with Endurance DIY engraving / cutting machine
2. The laser should be installed and connected to the board. How to connect the laser: the laser must be powered by 12 volts and the laser control wire (TTL+) with the Engraving board.

3. Connect the USB cable to the engraver and the other end to the computer.

4. Download the CNCC LaserAxe program

5. If the program is not installed – install Microsoft FrameWork (there is on the site) and change the language and regional standards: the location of the United States

6. Connect the power adapter with the engrave nad to the 110/220 Volts socket.

Getting started with Endurance DIY engraving / cutting machine

7. Turn on the red button on the controller board, it should the red LED light up and the cooler on the controller board should rotate. The engraver is ready to work.

8. Launch the CNCC LaserAxe program.

9. Click “Connect” or “Autoconnect” if do you not know the port number.

10. After it is written that “Connected”, you can start working. As described in the instructions for using the program: but before switching on the laser, you must wear glasses to observe the safety procedure.

Assembling process

Endurance DIY getting started

Lens focusing

How to use CNCC LaserAxe software

Laser cutting examples

Laser engraving demo

Endurance DIY machine with stpper motor

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