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TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

If you looking for a creative touch to add to your home, you’ll find a wide selection of ready-to-make projects among these top laser-cut home decor ideas. you will find excellent projects for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home. Laser-cut home decor is a creative resource for decorations that you can make. Whether you have a wooden or acrylic, these easy-to-follow and creative projects will have your home looking fantastic! Try out one or all of these practical and creative applications of laser-cut designs to personalize and enhance your home.

Blank Coasters to add your own designs.

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

Each laser engraved wooden coaster can be customized with your own special personalization. These laser engraved wooden coasters can can be used as a coaster to keep your tables top clean from accidental stains caused by cups fille with any drink. You can also make your home looked elegant with a variety of patterns and designs. Laser engraved coasters add a personal touch and they’re a great way to make an impression with your customized design. Decorative laser engraved coaster. Durable while also being lightweight. Laser engraving your chosen artwork will never fade and colours will not distort over time. Ideal addition to your home. laser engraved with the name of your choice in each of them

Link to download: Blank Coasters to add tour own designs to or as a Summer KTKQ project by Takeaway3DTech – Thingiverse


Laser Cut Garden Stakes

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

When you want to plant new plants in the spring, tags help to organize and label seedlings and sprouting plants. These small stakes can be laser cut and laser engraved for your garden to help to manage and keep track of your garden. Writing with pens and markers is vulnerable to weather conditions and may fade or be erased over time. Laser engraving these stakes will give a permanent written label. You will know exactly which plant you planted and won’t be surprised by unknown plants.

Link to download: Laser Cut Garden Stakes by electronrancher – Thingiverse


Coffee Filter Box

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

Manage your coffee filters even better with this laser-cut coffee filter holder. This model is made to be a convenient item when you prepare to take your morning cup of coffee. The well-designed box holds your coffee filters and they can be easily accessed. The box has designs on the sides that make it decorative on the kitchen counter. The designs on the sides can also be customized and there is the option to customize anything like a laser engraved picture or funny quote of a coffee reference you would like to see every morning.

Link to download: Thing files for Box for coffee filters by Jelmer_ – Thingiverse


Laser Cut Candle Holder

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

This laser-cut home decor is great for a warm ambient light. Let the candlelight illuminate a space in your home with this laser-cut candle holder. This adds a warm glow with animals and trees cut out around the frame to create a great outdoor nature effect. The design looks good from all angles and when a flame is lit. The platform for the candle is easily accessible. The assembly for the holder is easy. The frames can be put together well and put together quickly. It is an excellent addition to any table, shelf, bedroom, or anywhere you enjoy having your candles.

Link to download: candle holder laser cut Tree & Animals wood present tea candle by Lifelix – Thingiverse

Teardrop Pendant Light

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

This DIY Laser engraved teardrop pendant light is an excellent home decor project. The model is well designed and easy to assemble. It’s an attractive fixture you can place above your foyer, kitchen, or dining table, in a bedroom or even bathroom. This style of hanging light can look great with more laser-cut teardrop pendant lights surrounding it. Four ganging lights with the laser-cut teardrop pendant will brighten up an ordinary bare space. The frame is well designed on all sides to give it a nice decorative touch.

Link to download: Teardrop Pendant Light – laser cut by robyward – Thingiverse

Hanging Wall Planter Vertical Garden

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

Plants add life to any space and a wall hanging decor planter is an excellent way of adding a new and interesting touch to your home. Designed to be mounted to the wall, it can be easily hung beside a window, door, rack, or any indoor or outdoor space. This planter can house plants flowers many small succulents and more. The natural quality of this planter makes each plant look unique, and it is both decorative and perfect to have in a home. With detailing that is both exquisite and functional, this laser-cut wall hanging planter will help you grow a vertical garden.

Link to download: Jardin Suspendu / Vertical garden by RelabV2 – Thingiverse


Four elements wall decor

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

Create your unique home decor with a Laser-cut DIY project. The Laser-cut four-element hanging wall is excellent for laser cutting projects. Display it in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or hallway.

If you’re looking for a great project to try out, look no further. These four laser-cut elements represented in this design are water, fire, earth, and wind. The design can give a stunning natural theme to any space you mount these. They will also will perfectly resizable to fit in any type of space within your home.

Link to download:Thing files for Four Elements 2 by mishkin2 – Thingiverse


Low Poly World Map

Laser-cut home decor is a great DIY project using low poly world map wall decor. A low poly world map wall decor showcases your love of geography, travel, and adventure. It’s a great room decor and it is an excellent choice for laser-cutting projects. This map of the world can be laser cut in various sizes to fit in with your home’s wall. The map features all 7 continents as well as several smaller island nations in low poly. The pattern is simple, and it outlines the general shape and geometry of the continent’s outlines.

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

Link to download:

Twigs wall decor

TOP-10 laser engraved and laser cut home decor

This DIY wall decor is a great idea for home decor and interior decorations. This design features four-part wall decor. The four pieces make up one image of a tree with two birds hanging from a branch. The details are great, but the assembly is even better! The branches and birds create a nice effect and have subtle details

that will ll look good anywhere. Guests will be amazed that this design was able to come from a laser cutter. when the individual parts make up one complete image. This image is white, but another color will also allow pieces to scale.

Link to download:Twigs by mishkin2 – Thingiverse


Laser Cut Forest Frame

Make your photos look like they’re hanging in the woods with this laser-cut forest frame. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys putting photos of good memories on the wall. You can have several of the frames laser cut and make a big area of photos on your wall or around your home. The treasured memories will add some good feelings to your photos by decorating your walls with these simple yet heartwarming laser-cut forest frames. Each one is unique and can be you will love putting memorable photos of friends and family in them.

Link to download:Laser cut Forest Frame w/ Deer by West3DP – Thingiverse


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