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The Best of the Best! 2020 Best 3D Printers

The Best of the Best! 2020 Best 3D Printers

It’s hard to argue that there is no 3D printer to suit all ends and means. Still, we’ll try to give an opinion on the subject.

From the perspective of users, the Original Prusa i3 MK3S is a top choice for a desktop 3D printer. What makes it so attractive? High print quality, longevity, unbeatable price and much more.


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The Best of the Best! 2020 Best 3D Printers

Today the MK3S desktop 3D printers are the tightest and most developed in the world. You might ask why.  Because its manufacturer  – Prusa Research – uses them itself to make printed parts to build the new printers it sells. So the company does its most to have the best results.  Eventually along with the manufacturer buyers also win.

If you have a clever pair of hands you can buy their kit, take some pains and build a fine printer for your needs.  If otherwise, add some bucks and buy a ready-to-run machine.

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Here is a table of printers on the market (Source

Best 3D PrintersAt a GlanceMarket Price (approx., USD)Check Price
(Commissions earned)
Original Prusa i3 MK3SBest overall, FDM$906
Peopoly PhenomEditor’s pick, Resin$1,999
Artillery Sidewinder X1 V4Editor’s pick, FDM$469
Original Prusa MiniEditor’s Pick, FDM$422
Creality Ender 3 ProBudget, FDM$239
Phrozen Sonic MiniBudget, Resin$249
Creality Ender 5 ProBudget, FDM$389
Monoprice VoxelBudget, FDM$449
Tiertime UP300Workhorse, FDM$2,169
Raise3D Pro2 PlusLarge format, FDM$5,999
Ultimaker S5Dual extrusion, FDM$5,995
ZMorph VX3-in-1, FDM, CNC, Laser$4,399
Formlabs Form 3Best resin$3,499
Dremel DigiLab 3D45Education, FDM$1,899
* based on materials



Peopoly Phenom


Catering to more specific needs, and often commanding a higher price tag for it, these specialist 3D printers are as much at home at, well, home, as they are in the workshop, school, or office.

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