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An Endurance laser testing system

An Endurance laser testing system

Endurance lasers do multi tests of all lasers.

Here is our demo stand


The basic principle of testing:

1-Laser Run Mode. Within 1.5 hours, the laser turns on randomly with different PWM duty cycles. After 1.5 hours, the Status LED flashes. The test run stops, the lasers turn off. 0-Manual PWM duty cycle adjustment. Using a resistor, the duty cycle of the PWM output signal changes from 0 to 99%. 2-PWM off.



An Endurance laser testing system

A demo stand wiring (PDF)

Schematic An Endurance laser testing system A demo stand schematic (PDF)





Improve your 3D printer / CNC with the Endurance laser

How does it work?



Learn more about laser diodes

Inside the laser diode (NICHIA NUBM44 / NUBM47)


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