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How the Greatest Laser Engraver Was Built

A huge CNC frame 6x4 meter (18x12'). Ultimate laser engraving machine

The Endurance Lasers company (the USA – Russia startup) has built a huge (6 x 4 m) CNC laser engraving machine.

A huge CNC frame 6×4 meter (18×12′). Ultimate laser engraving machine


What problems did the developers face?

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George Fomichev, the inventor and owner of the company, answers questions of the editorial team to


Q: How did the idea of such a big frame construction come to life?

A: We had a commissioner from the United Arab Emirates. They wanted to have two constructions 2x2m and 6x4m built and posted a tender. Many laser builders fell away, Siemens included. Their price for the project paperwork exceeded the price of the contract itself. As a result the commissioner accepted our offer.  We found the task challenging technologically, and appealing    We filled the order in time, and in May the commissioner put the machines in operation.


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Q: What are the advantages of the frame construction in comparison with a regular laser device?

A: The key feature of the frame laser construction is its ability to operate both in a horizontal and in a  vertical position. The frame construction is rather easy to be built. We assembled the engraver using regular aluminum structural profiles.  For a 6×4 m machine, we used steel rails with belt at each side, 20 mm wide.  The biggest problem was to match  4 m long rails toe-to-toe.  Our partners, the VGM company (Smolensk), made a great job of it.


Q: What are your recommendations concerning the choice of a worktable for a frame construction?

A: We didn’t use worktables for those constructions as they were intended for vertical wall positioning to do engraving on concrete or anodized aluminum surfaces. Though our diode lasers proved themselves well with any anodized materials.

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In case our customers will choose to use their engraver in a horizontal position we’ll advise them to equip it with a hard steel-framed table suitable for hight adjustment. Precise regulation of the table level is very important.


Q: What are the safety requirements when working with a frame construction?

A: Just the same general laser safety requirements:  limited access to the work area and must-wear safety goggles, availability of an effective air-funnel, or air filtration. The best option is to cover the work area with housing.


Q: Where is it possible to use frame constructions?

A: In many industries. One of its big advantages is its portability when non-assembled or disassembled.

Thus, one customer who made stained-glass windows wanted to cut vertically positioned glass using a CO2 tube.  His aim was to economize time and effort, and he hit the mark.

Another customer wanted to do engraving on vertical surfaces in various parts of his yacht.  Only a vertical frame construction could make short work of it.


Q: What laser device will you recommend to use as an attachment for the processing of various materials?

A: CO2 tubes are the best choice if  it involves cutting of thick non-transparent materials such as wood, plywood or transparent acrylic and glass.  For successful operation you need an ideal connection of the tube with the portal:  when adjusting the Z axis height  it is important that the tube always remain at the same level when  you work.


Q: Do you sell your products to Russia?

A: Our company is not presented in Russia. It is appealing to work here if you are an exporter: a relatively low ruble rate is stimulating. The competitive internal market with low marginality is full of cheap, low-quality Chinese goods. Unhappily, it is hard to explain to a Russian consumer that a laser machine for $400 is a headache. Most people prefer to learn from their own mistakes.


Q: Tell us about your marketing experience in the USA.

A: The main thing appreciated by  European and American customers is customer service, assistance in installation, operation, and maintenance of CNC laser machines. It is understandable that you need to sell goods of high demand, meeting the needs of consumers in the best possible way. The American and European market is notable for good buying interest.  Buyers are ready to pay well for quality goods.


Q: At what projects are you working now? What possibilities will face entrepreneurs in the nearest future?

A: To help people fight coronavirus in emergency cases we created an automated apparatus for artificial lung ventilation using an Ambu mask. It is being clinically tested now.   Later on, we plan to post its open-source description to make it possible for any owner of a CNC machine to make a not expensive device for emergency care.

An open-source ventilator for lungs. A robotized the Ambu breathing system. It saves lives.


Today we are developing a frame СО2 machine  0,5 х 0,5 m, 1 х 1 m, 2 х 2 m. We are planning to make more powerful diode-pumped solid-state lasers of 75 W and even 200 W. Now we are working at the engineering documentation.

Our current R&D stage about Co2 laser

Assemble your own Co2 laser machine (All components are listed)



Stay updated with Endurance newsletter.

I have read and agree with the Endurance privacy policy
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