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Professional laser equipment for laser power measurement, pulses, energy, spectrums

CNI power meter


S322C – Thermal Power Sensor Head, Surface Absorber, 0.25 – 11 µm, 200 W, Ø25 mm, Fan Cooled

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ASP-150 Universal spectrometer

A universal spectrometer for solving a wide variety of spectroscopy problems. The ASP-150T model allows measurements in a wider spectral range due to a special rotary mechanism, without losing in resolution

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High Resolution Spectrometer-Aurora4000

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Pulse energy measuring

ES220C – Pyroelectric Energy Sensor, Ceramic Coating, 0.185 – 25 µm, 3 J



PE25-C is a universal pyroelectric energy meter with a 24 mm aperture. It is capable of measuring energy from 8 μJ to 10 J. It is capable of operating with a pulse frequency of up to 10 kHz and covers a spectral range of 0.15–3 μm. The sensor comes with a standard 1.5-meter cable to connect to the meter or computer interface.

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Laser beam quality

Misc: Oscillograph 1Ghz


The MDO3000 Combined Oscilloscope consists of six integrated instruments, including versions with a spectrum analyzer, a generator of preset signal functions, etc. that allow you to register analog, digital and radio frequency signals with a single device

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Power Meter Console

Handheld Optical Power and Energy Meter Console with Multi-Touch Technology


PM100D – Compact Power and Energy Meter Console, Digital 4″ LCD

Testing Instrument from CNI: Power Meter

ProductPictureModelPower rangeMain features
Thermopile Laser Power MeterTS series
(Wide Range)
TS2+TP1002mW-2W1.Wavelength range: 0.19 -20µm
2. Damage threshold: 15kW/cm2
3. Power range:2mW-15W
4. Active area diameter: 14mm
5. SMA905/ FC fiber switch connector (Optional)
TS35+TP10010mW-35W1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -25µm
2. Damage threshold: 40kW/cm2
3. Power range: 10mW-50W
4. Active area diameter: 22mm
5. SMA905/ FC fiber switch connector (Optional)
TS100+TP1000.5W-100W1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -20µm
2. Damage threshold: 45kW/cm2
3. Power range: 0.5W-100W
4. Active area diameter: 25mm
HS series
(High Precision)
HS1+TP100100µW-1W1. Wavelength range: 0.19 -15µm
2. Damage threshold: 1.5kW/cm2
3. Power range: 100µW-5W
4. Active area diameter: 8.5mm
5. SMA905/ FC  fiber switch connector (Optional)
USB series
TS2/ TS5/ TS15-USB

TS35/ TS50-USB



100µW-100W1. Wavelength range:0.19 -25µm
2.Power range: 100µW-100W
3.Single channel/ multiple channel power measurement
4.PC upper computer software display measurement
Optical Laser Power MeterPD-100-VIS series (High Precision)PD-100-VIS1nW-100mW1. Wavelength range: 350-1100nm
3. Power range:1nW-100mW
3. Active area diameter: 10mm
4. SMA905/ FC  fiber switch connector (Optional)
PS100 series
(Wide Range)
PS1002nW-100mW1. Wavelength range: 320-1100nm
2. Power range: 2nW-100mW
3. Active area diameter: 8mm

Thermopile Power Meter

    The head of the thermoelectric laser power meter has TP100 model. It can be compatible with all probes of TS series and HS series, and can be connected to PC through USB. It has data recording, remote control, using sampling software to draw the trend chart, trend graph, statistics and average function, and long-term stability measurement.
  • Full touch LCD display
  • Wide range and high precision measurement
  • The spectral range covers the band of 0.19-25 μm
  • External rechargeable battery, long standby time
  • 180 degree bracket design, free to adjust the operating angle
  • Minimum sample collection time interval 0.1s
  • Thermopile with high damage threshold
  • Support downlodad for Power Meter
 TS series (Wide range):
 HS series (High precision):
  HS1+TP100  100µW-1W
  HS5+TP100  500µW-5W
      Main features:      Main features:
  • Wavelength range: 0.19-25µm
  • Damage threshold: 40kW/cm2
  • Power range: 2mW-100W
    (2W/ 5W/ 15W/ 35W/ 50W/ 100W optional)
  • Active area diameter: 14/ 22/ 25mm
  • Continuous measurement time (<10W): Unlimited
  • Wavelength range: 0.19-15µm
  • Damage threshold: 1.5kW/cm2
  • Power range: 100µW-5W (1W/ 5W optional)
  • Active area diameter: 8.5mm
  • SMA905/ FC fiber switch connector (Optional)



Optical Laser Power Meter

CNI launched a optical laser power meter, which is able to accurately measure various laser power. The optical laser power meter has high sensitivity, easy to operate barely affected by the environment temperature and portable built-in rechargeable battery.

CNI, as the international leading designer and manufacturer of laser system, fully understands customers’ actual demand for laser power measurement and analysis, a few series of customized power measurement instrument can be offered. CNI sincerely provides with best configuration which can meet customers’ demand of measurement and funding level based on the actual application understanding, advanced technology and measuring instrument selection. In order to make customers gain higher cost performance, CNI offers modular selection which can easily extend configuration in future demand change.

High Precision Optical Power Meter

  ●  The minimum power mrasurement can be 1nW;
●  The spectral range covers the band of 350-1100nm;
●  High-speed response optical detector;
●  Full touch LCD display;
●  External rechargeable battery, long standby time;
●  Minimum sample collection time interval 0.1s.
  ●  The minimum power measurement can be 2nW;
●  The spectral range covers the band of 320-1100nm;
●  High sensitivity and good stability;
●  Hand-held operation buttons;
●  External battery, long standby time;
●  Statistics and average functions.

 Optical Laser Power Meter:


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