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Research for better metal engraving tool using 1064 – 1080 nm DPSSL laser modules (detailed research)

Research for better metal engraving tool using 1064 - 1080 nm DPSSL laser modules (detailed research)

A lot of our customers and potential customers would like to engrave on steel, copper, brass, aluminum and other alloys with no paste.
Right now you may use Cermark paste or Dry Lube Moly with MoS2.

We have started research looking for the best tool that can be used for that.
We are looking for a laser module that will fit our requirements.

Our first research showed us that CW lasers with 10-30 watt laser power output are not good for that.
Metal engraving requires pulsed energy being aimed in one spot – then the energy reaches kWatts.
When the energy has a very short pulse in nanoseconds for example then we use this equation:

The power P in watts (W) is equal to the energy E in joules (J), divided by the time period t in seconds (s):
P(W) = E(J) / t(s)

that is why when the impulse is very short we get the energy much higher during that impulse. That is why most DSPP lasers have kW of energy power output.

At the moment we have got a few offers from different laser suppliers.

1. CNILaser

Wavelength (nm) 1064±1
Work pattern Q-switched
Model FL-1064-3W FL-1064-6W FL-1064-8W
Average output power (W) ~3W ~6W ~8W
Pulse width (ns) ~5ns ~6ns ~6ns
Peak power (kW) ~30kW ~50kW ~50kW
Pulse repetition rate (kHz) ~20kHz ~25kHz
Power stability (rms, over 8 hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
Transverse mode TEM00
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <1.5mrad <2mrad <1.2mrad
Beam diameter at aperture (mm) ~6.0mm ~7.0mm
Beam height from base plate (mm) 16.5mm
Operating Temp. (℃) 10~35℃
Laser head size 297(L)× 45(W)× 48(H) mm3, 0.9 kg
Power supply (12VDC) PSU-FL-FDA (12V/25A DC switching power supply) portable power supply
 242(W)× 100(H) mm3, 3.6 kg
Expected lifetime (hours) 20000
Warranty 1 year

Focus length: 100mm Marking area:70*70mm
Focus length: 160mm Marking area:110*110mm
Focus length: 254mm Marking area:175*175mm

Datailed manual of FL-1064 with 2 signal lines(EN)

Manual of FL marking laser

Manual of how to manufacture the marking machine with FL-1064

We looked, we studied the CNI proposal (it is identical to the Laserglow, which, most likely, it is simply resold).

It is clear that this laser has: a 50 watt or 100 watt laser line for pumping, an optical modulator, a second-harmonic conversion crystal, its cooling, and the driver of the laser itself. Among other things, there are doubts how effective the marking on metal can work on 5-10 watt. Usually, at such power, plastic is labeled. Metal marking starts from 30-50W, or the metal should be just black.

The smallest laser beam at focus point is about 57um,
Best focus length (working distance) is about 80mm.

These parameters are good for us.

Test report of 1064-10W
was made specially for Endurance lasers.

2. BWT Beijing, Ltd.

2.1. 976nm/10W, 105um/0.22NA,
This LD has the 200cm±10cm fiber

976 nm laser diode

2.2. 1064nm wavelength laser diode.
Actually, this is the detachable output mode LD, usually, it used in the medical application.

1064 Nm laser diode

Not likely that CW modules with this wavelength would wor for us.

3. Laserglow

MARK-OEM-1064_Data Sheet_Laserglow Technologies

(it is very likely that these guys do not produce laser modules but resell from CNILasers)

4. Beamqlaser

(Waiting for the offer)

5. laser-export


Model Wavelength, nm Parameters
         Basic line
     TECH-1053 Basic 1053  500 µJ@1 kHz, pulse width < 10 ns   ТЕМ00, M2 < 1.2,  0 – 4 kHz,

external/internal triggering,

24 ± 10% V

     TECH-527 Basic 527  250 µJ@1 kHz, pulse width < 9 ns
        Express line
TECH-1053 Express 1053 1000 µJ@1 kHz, pulse width < 7 ns   ТЕМ00, M2 < 1.2,  0 – 1 kHz,

external/internal triggering,

24 ± 10% V

TECH-527 Express 527 500 µJ@1 kHz, pulse width < 7 ns
      Advanced line
     TECH-1053 Advanced 1053  800 µJ@4 kHz, pulse width < 10 ns   ТЕМ00, M2 < 1.2,  0 – 4 kHz,

external/internal triggering,

24 ± 10% V

     TECH-527 Advanced 527  400 µJ@4 kHz, pulse width < 9 ns



DTL-series lasers

    GARNET line

      DTL-324QT 1064  100 µJ@1 kHz  Pulse width  < 10 ns at 1 kHz,

ТЕМ00, 0 – 30 kHz,

external/internal triggering,

12 ± 10% V

or  90 ÷ 264 V (with AC adapter)

      DTL-314QT 532  25 µJ@1 kHz
      DTL-375QT 355  20 µJ@1 kHz
      GARNET 355  20 µJ@200 – 2000 kHz, external triggering, model for ОЕМ




DTL-series lasers


Model Wavelength, nm Parameters
     DTL-423 1053  300, 1000, 2000 and  2500 mW, noise level ≤ 0.5% RMS   ТЕМ00, PC control,

Output power adjustment,

12 ± 10% V

or 90 ÷ 264 V (with AC adapter)

     DTL-322 1064  300, 1000 and  2000 mW, noise level ≤ 0.5% RMS
     DTL-413 527  200, 350, 500, 1000 and  1500 mW, noise level ≤ 5% RMS


Quite detailed info however there are not tests or detailed manuals.

6. Teem Photonics

PNx High Peak Power Powerchip Series rev1

SNV U high performance UV microchip rev1

SNP High Performance IR Microchip rev1


This solution seems to be VERY EXPENSIVE and it looks like for industrial production.


Suggestion Full part number

Seems like they are just resellers on US market.

8. astrum-lasers


We checked this one and it seems like an expensive and professional tool.
The CEO is a very friendly and supportive guy. Was nice talking to them.

9. civillaser

1064nm IR Passively Q-Switched Pulsed Laser Solid State Laser Adjustable Power Supply

1. Passively Q-switched
2. Adjustable repetition frequency


Model Model#01-1064HQ Model#02-1064HXQ Model#03-1064HYQ
Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Spatial Mode TEM00 TEM00 TEM00
Average Output Power 200~1000mW 500~1500mW 200~1000mW
Single Pulse Energy 5~100uJ (Large random range) 80~200uJ 10~100uJ
Pulse Width 5~50ns (Large random range) 5~50ns 10~30ns
Peak Power 500W~10KW 1KW~10KW 500W~5KW
Repeat Rate 10Hz~50KHz 10Hz~50KHz 10Hz~30KHz
Modulation Signal 0~50KHz 0~50KHz 0Hz~30KHz
Beam Spot Shape Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1 Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1 Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1
Pointing Stability <0.05 mrad <0.05 mrad <0.05 mrad
Beam Diameter(1/e2) <1.5 mm <1.5 mm <1.5 mm
Beam Divergence <1.5 mrad <1.5 mrad <1.5 mrad
Power Stability <±3% per 2 hrs <±3% per 2 hrs <±3% per 2 hrs
Beam Height 29mm 39mm 29mm
Temperature Stabilizing TEC TEC TEC
Warm Up Time <5 minutes <5 minutes <5 minutes
Beam Quality(M2) <2 <2 <2
Optimum Operating Temperature 20~30℃ 20~30℃ 20~30℃
Storage Temperature 10~50℃ 10~50℃ 10~50℃
MTTF 10,000 hrs 10,000 hrs 10,000 hrs
Laser Head Size 155(L)x77(W)x60(H)mm3 167(L)x77(W)x70(H)mm3 155(L)x77(W)x60(H)mm3
Power Supply 178(W)x197(D)x84(H) mm3 178(W)x197(D)x84(H) mm3 178(W)x197(D)x84(H) mm3


Very likely that this solution can be also be taken into account and we are waiting for detailed tests.


6-18W 532nm laser module
6-18W 532nm Specs file

Looking for some tests about metal marking – engraving to make a decision.
The price is average and can be used.

Hope you guys liked this post.
Please share with your friends and make comments below


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