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Better laser focus. A focusing spacer

Better laser focus. A focusing spacer

I made three videos relate to making a spacer that lengthens the distance from the laser diode to the focusing lens of my Endurance 8W and 10W+ Lasers. Video 1 explains the rational behind why I made this spacer. Video 2 shows how I made the spacer and fitting it to my lasers. Video 3 relates to setting up and testing the spacer showing some actual results.
I don’t in any way present this as a definitive answer regarding obtaining a perfect laser focus for cutting and engraving. Instead, the videos relate my experiments and developments achieving for me very satisfying results.
I hope you find this information interesting and useful. I know that obtaining good to perfect laser focus is probably the most frustrating thing for most users.

Video 1: Video 2: Video 3:




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