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Ortur Laser Master wiring Endurance lasers

Ortur assembling (LM2)

5 star Endurance lasers rating

Endurance lasers - happy customer feedback

Assembling an Ortur 2 engraving machine and installing an Endurance 10 watt Delux laser

There are two types of Ortur frames on the market

If you have a big frame then any Endurance laser can be installed.

TOP SALES! The best laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine / engraving frame.

If you have a small frame we recommend using an 8.5 watt PRO since it has lighter weight.

A small frame can not carry 10 watt units accurately.


Air nozzle ver 2.0 on Ortur laser


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A problem with an Ortur laser

The fundamental problem with an Ortur 5500 mw (5.5 watt) laser head PWM. PWD does not work properly with duty ratio less than 25% which will not allow making a nice photo engraving with the Ortur LM2 basic laser.


Wiring the Endurance lasers to the Ortur LM2 board


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Ortur laser board


Ortur laser wiring pins
Ortur laser wiring pins


Black = Ground Red = 12v blank White = PWM

the wire must go there

so in your case you need a cable that is Black – Blank – Blank – White for pwm signal


Endurance laser upgrade



Upgraded frame and a new kitchen!


An Endurance DPSSL head on Ortur Frame (LM2)

Etch, engrave, mark all types of metals without engraving paste!

Endurance DPSSL on Ortur engraving frame


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10 watt Delux laser installed on Ortur frame


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Daniel R. Esparza
Finally had a chance to build my engraving workstation.
The 10 Watt laser SE “DeLux” is working great. Waiting on a G2 lens to do some metal engraving. I did rewire the laser setup. Just did not work for me being permanently wired. Appreciate all the info shared that makes DIY possible. It is very rewarding in the end.


Why we ended up with a 10W Endurance laser system (FULL PDF GUIDE)


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How to connect your Endurance laser to the Ortur Laser Master and Laser Master 2 (PDF) Ortur Laser Master wiring Endurance lasers

Installing a new laser on Ortur – troubleshooting video


Upgrading the Ortur Laser Master with an Endurance Laser


How to install the 8.5W Endurance Laser on Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro


An upgrade kit for your Ortur, Eleksmaker, CNCC Laseraxe, Neje, Insma desktop engraving machine & SainSmart Genmitsu CNC


Review and an inspection of 5500 mW (5.5 watt) Ortur laser blue laser module


URGENT – about Ortur defective mainboard 

Ortur – Product Advisories

The defective board has some voltage on the PWM pin even when the laser board is not powered and only connected via USB from a computer. That turns on the Endurance laser on full power.


Testing 2 laser frames. Ortur vs. SCULPFUN S9. Exploring mechanical quality

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