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Laser etching on slate (DIY). Slate lasering. Adding different images.

Slate laser etching

Laser slate etching with 1.7 watt (405 nm) violet laser

1.7 watt (1700 mw) diode violet 405 nm laser module


Table for determining the parameters of laser engraving.



Getting started with slate etching

When lasering slate you can just laser right on to it. for best results, I add a layer over it.

Slate nothing added to it

Clear slate

Slate Coated

Slate coated

  • Adding a layer will keep it a full black look and when it is lasered on will give it that shape look and clean finish this is what i coat with.

Slate Coating

slate coating

  • Working on what look you want this is the best way i have found to get that really sharp look and clean finish. right off the laser. Here is what i do mine at.
    1. Laser Grbl
    2. Speed 2200
    3. Min power 250
    4. Max power 255

This will not work for all you have to find a speed you are happy with and what look you want.

Coated Slate Lasered

Coated Slate Lasered

  • As you can see end result is really sharp. This is the only way i have found of doing it if you coat after you have lasered you lose some of the looks of it.


Here is a video I did about this.



How to Create a Custom Laser Engraved Slate Coaste

Engraving on slate with a diode laser

Slate Photos


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