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Laser engraving on mirror

Mirror laser engraving

Mirror review

working with a mirror using an endurance laser has been a good test. before I had a Chinese laser which took a lot of passes to do the same as an endurance laser on the first pass. Chinese laser took about 6 to 7 passes at slow speed and even then some bits did not look the same as other bits. this laser now has engraved the same all the way and only took one pass to get a better engraving. so by far, the more money for the laser is well worth it. to add on this as well the laser I used before was meant to be a 2.5 watt laser the endurance one I use in this video above was a 2.1 watt laser so a lower wat laser but works better and never gives diffrent engraving over the passes.

as I have said in the video different mirrors will take longer or shorter time working on which sort of mirror you have. but overall endurance lasers have exceeded their self with making a true wat laser and selling you want it says they have sold you.

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was done with 2.1 watt laser by Ady Penny



Mirror engraving using 30 watt Raycus fiber laser emitter installed on a DIY Endurance galvo machine.

Laser mirror engraving

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Made by: Bob West

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