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Custom CNC frame design

Building a 2x2 meter frame >>> for laser cutting, laser engraving and CNC milling (PDF updated)

Endurance lasers make and deliver custom CNC frames with all sizes for different industrial applications: milling, cutting, engraving, marking.


Key features of an Endurance CNC frames

Standard size: 1×1 meter (3×3′), 2×2 meter (6×6′), 3×2 meters (9×6′). Any other sizes are available upon special request. Max we can make is 6×4 meters (18×12′)

Our CNC frame can operate with a:

  • Diode laser (1-20 watt),
  • DPSS laser (1-10 watt),
  • Spindle (up to 2.2kW),
  • Fiber laser (30-50 watt),
  • Co2 laser (40-500 watt),
  • Plasma
  • Knife.


Travel speed 1000-30000 mm/minute (1-30 meters/minute)

Assembling time: the entire process takes 4-8 weeks

In our assembling process, we use only high-quality components and do multi tests before we start an assembling process

All Endurance machines have an ultra-high precision. and accuracy is 0.1 mm (100 microns).


We can build a CNC frame that will operate in a horizontal and vertical position.


Basic components for metal frame:

We always use aluminum profiles for the mainframe.
We use guides with a deviation of not more than 5 microns (0.005 mm)
To move the carriage we are using a helical rack, or using a ball screw pair or using belts.

  • Gearboxes (are used to reduce the load on a stepper motor.)
  • Worm gearboxes
  • Structural shapes (are used to connect the frame)
  • Aluminum shapes: 40 x 40 – 60 x 120 mm (basic construction material for a frame)
  • Steel guides (are used to secure accurate movement)
  • Metal belts (are used for the movements)
  • Shapes connectors (are used to connect all elements)
  • Aluminum sheets (are used for a custom development)
  • Runner slides
  • Cylindrical rails (are used for the movement, more accurate comparing to belts)
  • Runner blocks
  • Helical rack modules (are used for the movement.)
  • Screw (helical) gear modules (are used for the movement.)
  • Ball screws (are used for main connections)

Basic electronics components:

  • Stepper motors with encoders (are used as a main component for the movement)
  • Drivers of a servo-stepper motor (SSM) (are used to control and operate the motor)
  • Microswitches
  • Signal cables (are used to wire control)
  • Power supply cables (are used to feed components with power)
  • Connectors (are used to make connection easy and nice)
  • Controller with/without a display
  • Flexible plastic cable ducts (are used to carry cables)
  • Mount for a cable ducts

DHL express delivery worldwide.


Estimated price range*

Working size in meters Mechanics costs Electronics costs Assembling Total costs Lead time DHL express delivery costs
minimum, USD optimal, USD minimum, USD optimal, USD minimum, USD optimal, USD minimum, USD optimal, USD 3-5 days
1×1 (3×3′) 750 1000 750 1000 750 1500 2250 3500 2-4 weeks 1000
2×2 (6×6′) 2000 3000 2000 3000 2000 4500 6000 10500 3-6 weeks 2500
3×2 (9×6′) 2500 3500 2500 3000 2500 4875 7500 11375 3-8 weeks 3500
3×3 (9×9′) 3000 4000 3000 3500 3000 5625 9000 13125 4-8 weeks 5000
6×4 (18×12′) 5000 7500 4000 5000 4500 9375 13500 21875 4-8 weeks 7500

An Example of 100×100 cm (3,28′ x 3.28′ ) components list

Stepper motors Nema 23 – 3 pcs (X/Y axis)

Driver + control board –

Optional (DM542 Stepper Motor Controller Leadshine 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver)

AC/DC 24V 5A – 1 pcs





* those prices are given as an average estimation.


There is an alternative pricing option when a customer pays for all components and pays Endurance lasers LLC separately for an assembling, process (50-75% depending on the difficulty of the project).


An example of a 20 x 40 cm (8×16”) an Endurance DIY engraving machine with belts


An example of a 1 x 1 meter (3×3′) machine electronics + mechanical components

Aluminum structural profile with a section of 30 x 60 cm without coating – 4 meters.

30 x 30 cm aluminum structural profile without coating – 2 meters.

Angular connector 30 x 30  – 4 pcs.

Timing belt unclosed XL 5.08 / 20mm – 4 meters.
Pulley XL Z = 12 for belt 20mm – 3 pcs.
Tension roller 20 mm – 6 pcs.
Belt clip XL20 mm – 6 pcs.

24V 5A 10A 20A 30A Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply for LED Strip CCTV – 1 pcs
DC 12V 24V 2A 5A 10A 20A 30A 60A Power Supply Adapter Driver LED Light Strip AC – 1 pcs
HANPOSE 17HS4401 40mm Nema 17 Stepper Motor 42 Motor 42BYGH 1.7A 4-lead F – 3 pcs

An example of a 2×2 meter machine




Demo video

Custom design

We make 3D design of the frame before we start an assembling process.

We do all 3D modeling tests.

2×2 meters


Electronics components

Items Model Amount
Controller PLCM-E1b 1
Adapter PLB-DB25M 1
SHD 86HS118-6004 3
Wires n/a 1
Heat shrink n/a 1
Wire braid n/a 1
Tips, terminals n/a 1
Power Supply 12 12V 12.5A 1
Power Supply 70 70 watt 1
The power supply 24 is small for trailer 1
Limit Inductive LJ12A3-4-Z/BX—NPN 6
Emergency switches 6
Buttons, lamps, relays, etc. for mounting box 1
Dumper 1


Learn more about 2×2 meter frame


Building a 2×2 meter frame >>> for laser cutting, laser engraving and CNC milling (PDF updated)


6×4 meters

Custom CNC frame design

Learn more about 6×4 meter frame 

A huge CNC frame 6×4 meter (18×12′). Ultimate laser engraving machine




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