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Are laser pointers safe to use?

To answer this question we need to define, what is a laser pointer?

A laser pointer is a small pen-like handheld device that uses a power source (usually batteries) and diode laser to produce a coherent beam of monochromatic light. Laser pointers are used mainly for highlighting a point of interest by using a strongly colored beam of light.

all about laser pointers safeness is described on

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No, laser pointers are not safe to use at all

We believe that any laser that has powered more than 5mW (0.005 watt) is potentially dangerous.
We do not recommend to buy and to use laser pointers at all.
Any laser power can potentially damage your retina and can cause problems with your or someone’s eyesight.
Even reflected laser beam can be very dangerous.
Stay away from all laser pointers. It will keep you safer and will not cause potential legal problems!

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