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Using a camera in a lightburn software. Convert your smartphone camera into a webcam.

Lightburn camera


The convenient starting point for the laser. Use the camera for the most accurate positioning before laser cutting or laser engraving.

The most advanced and professional engraving and machines have a camera that allows you to see where is the beginning point for your laser engraving or cutting.

Endurance developed a red cross grid red laser system for that.

System for focusing and for determining the start of the laser position (red cross – grid)


However, there could be a demand to see exactly where your engraving will apply to the material.

That’s really important when you have a tiny item or your engraving has to be positioned very precisely.

In this case, you may use your existing smartphone camera + Endurance camera holder and Lightburn software.

That combination will allow you to upgrade your engraving machine significantly.


Your smartphone camera + Lightburn software + Endurance camera holder = Ultimate positioning!


Get an ultimate positioning system for your CNC / engraving machine like Ortur, SainSmart, Neje, Atomstack, Skulpfun, Eleksmaker, universal engraving machines, and others.


We need:

Lightburn software.

DroidCam Wireless Webcam software.

Endurance camera holder.

any smartphone with a good camera resolution or web camera


An Endurance camera holder installation

  1. Converting your smartphone into a webcam. (Easy guidance >>>)
  2. Setting up your Lightburn camera.
  3. Installing an Endurance camera holder.
it is just awesome!
You can convert your smartphone camera into a webcam and then use it in a Lightburn for positioning.

Watch a video using a Lightburn camera for image positioning.


Aligning your camera for a Lightburn software

Adding camera for Lightburn software. Improving your SainSmart LE5040 engraving machine



Engrave on a burger with the Endurance camera holder + smartphone camera and a Lightburn software


Learn more about Lightbunr software abilities

LightBurn Tutorial & a real story. Laser engraving / cutting software


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