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Using a camera in a lightburn software. Convert your smartphone camera into a webcam.

Lightburn camera
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The convenient starting point for the laser. Use the camera for the most accurate positioning before laser cutting or laser engraving.

The most advanced and professional engraving and machines have a camera that allows you to see where is the beginning point for your laser engraving or cutting.

Endurance developed a red cross grid red laser system for that.

System for focusing and for determining the start of the laser position (red cross – grid)


However, there could be a demand to see exactly where your engraving will apply to the material.

That’s really important when you have a tiny item or your engraving has to be positioned very precisely.

In this case, you may use your existing smartphone camera + Endurance camera holder and Lightburn software.

That combination will allow you to upgrade your engraving machine significantly.


Your smartphone camera + Lightburn software + Endurance camera holder = Ultimate positioning!


Get an ultimate positioning system for your CNC / engraving machine like Ortur, SainSmart, Neje, Atomstack, Skulpfun, Eleksmaker, universal engraving machines, and others.


We need:

Lightburn software.

DroidCam Wireless Webcam software.

Endurance camera holder.

any smartphone with a good camera resolution or web camera


An Endurance camera holder installation

  1. Converting your smartphone into a webcam. (Easy guidance >>>)
  2. Setting up your Lightburn camera.
  3. Installing an Endurance camera holder.
it is just awesome!
You can convert your smartphone camera into a webcam and then use it in a Lightburn for positioning.

Watch a video using a Lightburn camera for image positioning.


Aligning your camera for a Lightburn software

Adding camera for Lightburn software. Improving your SainSmart LE5040 engraving machine



Engrave on a burger with the Endurance camera holder + smartphone camera and a Lightburn software


Learn more about Lightbunr software abilities

LightBurn Tutorial & a real story. Laser engraving / cutting software


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