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Installing The Laser on Genmitsu LE5040 (Sain Smart) CNC Laser Engraver Machine

Le 5040 engraving machine Sainsmart )Genmitsu)


Getting started with LE5040 CNC Sain Smart engraving machine (Genmitsu)



Additional improvements of the LE5040 engraving machine (frame) by Endurance lasers

  1. Adding a camera holder for a better positioning

Adding a camera for positioning the sample in Lightburn software


2. Adding a digital microscope for controlling the laser beam spot

Using a digital microscope for laser beam focusing


3. Adding new feet to change the height (lifting legs) >>>

Improve your 3D printer / CNC with the Endurance laser


4. Adding a lifting table






An unknown problem with PWM on the Sain Smart (Genmitsu) 5500 mw diode laser

PWM duty ratio does not change laser power correctly





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