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TOP-20 3d printing ideas you can use this Christmas and New Year 2023

3D printed coffee thermos holder

Christmas is a great time for your creativity to shine with your 3D printer. If you cannot find the exact Christmas decor to get into the holiday period, there are several ways to add a few crafted Christmas additions to your house for this Christmas holiday with a 3D printer. All of these ideas will help you make a big impact to really get into the Christmas spirit! The possibilities of filament types will also enable you to make multi-colored items such as color-changing , glow-in-the-dark, or even smooth silky ornaments. You can take these ideas a step further to make amazing finishes by painting and adding color. This collection is made up of 20 Christmas ideas that can be created with a 3D printer. Including toys, ornaments, trees, and much more, with colorful filaments and a variety of finishes, you can spend the season thinking about the most creative ways to celebrate. All files are available for download fully free.

Merry Christmas. 3D printed calendar



 1. Christmas Sock Cookie Cutter

Christmas Sock Cookie Cutter

A Festive cookie cutter will help make decorative food around the table this Christmas.There are many options to choose from such as Christmas characters, reindeer, and more. With a 3D printed cookie cutter you will have a variety of more intricate design imprints with smooth lines than standard cookie cutters. Your cookie creations can also be refined with the shape, size and color. You can refine it according to your cookie sizes required by adjusting the parameters.

link to download

2. Christmas Tree

Christmas tree new.jpg

Instantly make a Christmas tree or several with your 3D printer. A Christmas tree can be an eye catching decor piece. The possibilities will also enable you to make multi-colored trees with color changing filaments, or glow in the dark. The filaments used will enable you to make a variety of trees. This Christmas tree has 10 branches and it can be further modified. You will also find a stand for the Christmas tree to help it stand.

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3. Christmas Ornament – Snowflake

Christmas Ornament - Snowflake

Snowflake decor is nice but customizing your very own makes it even more special. Access the file to create your snowflake on Thingiverse with a variety or size options, silhouette snowflakes or additional snowflakes to hang on your tree. The ability of your 3D printer will help you make the precise grooves and angles of a unique snowflake. Many snowflakes together can be made with to make a falling effect along a wall, tree, door, or any other place.

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4. Holiday Christmas Deer

Holiday Christmas Deer

A Christmas deer is a great addition decor items. With your 3D printer and colorful filament, you can make all 12 of Santa’s reindeer’s. The height and size can be changes to make miniature or large reindeer with detailed features in antlers. The figure of the reindeer can stand well of tables and other surfaces or hung onto Christmas trees as a unique ornament. This design will definitely look elegant during the festive period further with polish, paint, glitter, or bow ties.

link to download


5. Articulated Christmas Toys

Articulated Christmas Toys

An articulated Christmas toy can be appreciated by friends and loved ones.

You can make Santa with his elves and reindeer. This is easy to print and you will enjoying creating Christmas characters to surround your tree, shelf, or hang as ornaments. With the addition of acrylic paint finishing you can make your own amazing one-of-a-kind set.

link to download


6. Christmas Gift Box

Christmas Gift Box

A Christmas gift box can be a functional and a little different than what you can find in a shop. Make your holiday gift-giving more memorable with a gift box for Christmas goodies. With the ability to scale to any size

your perfect gift box can become reality with your 3D printer and go a little further with designs and colors. This design is easy to print and personalize.

link to download


7. Snowflake Christmas Bauble

Snowflake Christmas Bauble

A snowflake Christmas Bauble is a unique holiday ornament and display piece that can be hung onto a tree. The size of this design is 6cm and can be printed with no supports. The simple design slots together nicely without a need for glue. You can also mix different parts of the design with any colors you like. A personal touch can be added with your choice of material and color.

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8. Christmas Tree Ornament – Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Ornament - Merry Christmas

Have a 3D printed Christmas ornament on your tree or around your home! Select from smiley, winking, rosy-nosed and happy reindeer or traditional red and white colored Santa on a sleigh to hang on the Christmas tree. 3D printing ensures that the reindeer and sleigh are really one piece and not two pieces stuck together like some knock-offs.

link to download

3D printed ornament - Merry Christmas


9. Spinning Christmas Star

Spinning Christmas Star

You can get ready to get into the holiday spirit with a spinning Christmas star. This design is easy to print and rotates 3-4 Christmas stars that independently spin on the centre shaft. The shaft runs from the smallest star through the outer stars. The parts move independently accurately and still rotates without falling apart.

Add to your traditional family Christmas tree. Every year it will be special to look forward to seeing a spinning Christmas star This design has two versions which are hanging option with a mounting hole and the second version is tree, which is made to be put on top of a tree. The rotating motion ability makes his ornament unique by being able to freely move without complicated designs or electronics.

You can print this spinning Star for the top of your tree or other places in your room.

link to download


10. Thing ico Santa Sleigh Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Thing ico Santa Sleigh Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Create some holiday cheer with a 3D printed Santa Sleigh and reindeer decoration. 3D printing will enable you to create a detailed, high-quality 3D printed reindeer and sleigh.

This design can further edited to change sign and dimensions to be placed in your wall. The pieces are moveable and they can be moved around independently. The design can look more stunning with festive red and green colors painted after the print. The dimensions are made to look good and in line with each other to make a moving motion of the sleigh and reindeer.

link to download

11. Reindeer Christmas card kit 3d print

Reindeer Christmas card kit 3d print

This reindeer design is a small and fun card kit that will bring joy to anyone who receives it. The parts of the reindeer are neatly arranged on the card and they can be removed and assembled to make one standing reindeer. This design is easy to print and has added thickness in the frames to help with unintended breakages. All the pieces are nicely arranged packaged to make a great gift for giving.

link to download


12. 2021 New Years Glasses

2021 New Years Glasses

Give your holiday accessories a fun new dimension with a 3D printed Ney Years Glasses. These glasses read ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ and you can of course make the year 2022! Enter into the new year with a creative and unique eyepiece made by you. People will be wowed by this custom piece of artwork that has much detail.

link to download


13. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

A good Christmas tree is always good with family and you can 3D print a special tree to hang and even start decorating traditions with a family that can really make Christmas so special. This 3D-printed Christmas tree can be a unique decoration that everyone will love. A stylized tree will also be more amazing with a filament such as the transparent PETG being shown in the example to make it just stunning!

The size of the model can be modified to your printer and you could scale the z height separately for skinnier or fatter trees.

This updated design also has additional files to takes up lights that can be found on Thingiverse.

This design has a lamp base, however it should be confirmed that the lamp will not get warm enough to soften the holder.

link to download


14. XMAS KIT by be3D

XMAS KIT by be3D

3D printing is a great way to create and personalize memorable Christmas figures. A Christmas kit allows for a easy to print figure to be made up of several parts, then snapped off to be assembled one by one. This design takes a Snowflake that can be further modified to make a one of a kind 3D kit. A child can enjoy this 3D printed Christmas kit for an activity gifts and you will like that it is also safe from sharp pointy corners.

Printed entirely in 3D, finished with a colorful paint job, and carefully packed into 13 separate pieces.

Kits are great for toys, ornaments, trees, and much more, with colorful filaments and a variety of finishes, you can spend the season thinking about the most creative ways to celebrate.

link to download,


15. Santa in a Christmas Decoration

Santa in a Christmas Decoration

This model is a 3D printed decoration with Santa inside it. The design of Santa shows how creative a simple design can result. With multiple colors applied, the design can illuminate and bring out the beauty of the design.

link to download


16. Happy New Year 2021 3D Card Ornament

Happy New Year 2021 3D Card Ornament

3D printed card ornaments offer a fun and attractive design that can be made up from several pieces. The model shown.

link to download


17. Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration

link to download

If you are just tired of the same old Christmas decorations you have seen over and over again, then you can test your imagination with new 3d printable Christmas decorations.

3D print designs items can add to the festive seasons with Christmas decorations such as trees, stockings, snowman, snowflakes and ornaments, and much more! There is proof of concept with 3D printed decorations.

link to download


18. More Christmas decoration

More Christmas decoration

This set of 20 Christmas decorations to really make the most wonderful time of the year special. What makes the season really special is the variety of decorations and this design has a intricate and unique set of ornaments that can supplement your tree or hang up around your home. When printing many small and intricate designs, You will be delighted by the amazing and detailed results of your 3D printing for something like a snowflake.

link to download




Use any 3D printer to bring holiday memories to life in an exciting new way! This design features a reindeer facing upward. With a mouting hole to be hung on a tree. With several of the reindeer, it can add a distinctive look to a Christmas tree.

link to download


20. Lattice Christmas Balls 2021

Lattice Christmas Balls 2021

Lattice Christmas balls are ideal three-dimensional Christmas decorations with a unique touch will make your space perfect during the holiday time. A gift that provides a touch of magic to the Christmas tree Decoration of your room in 3D is a good idea – it will bring life to the space. Not only Christmas, but also these decorations will look great during the winter holidays.

makes this Lattice Christmas Balls very durable and special home decor for years to come.

link to download



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