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TOP – 19 laser diodes by NICHIA and other producers

Laser diode 10x optical zoom

We recently test different types of laser diodes and can make a custom laser depending on your demand.

Testing new laser diodes


Here is a link to TOP laser diode suppliers:

  • Agilent,
  • Alpes Lasers,
  • Applied Optoelectronics,
  • CivilLaser,
  • CNI Lasers,
  • Coherent,
  • Hitachi,
  • QSI,
  • IPG Photonics,
  • Mitsubishi Electric,
  • Opt Lasers,
  • Osram,
  • Panasonic,
  • Sharp,
  • Sony,
  • Ushio,
  • Wavespectrum Laser

TOP SALES! The best laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine / engraving frame.


A BRAND NEW Z80 laser diode is available. The most powerful 445 nm laser diode on the market now.

Z80 laser diode comparing vs. NICHA NUBM44/47

Z80 diode laser chart: voltage / current / optical power output

Z80_8W450B9_Datasheet (PDF)

A Brand new Z80 laser blue 445 nm laser diode | 8 watt (8000 mw) CW power. The most powerful laser diode


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TOP-15 laser diodes we plan to try and to test in the nearest future

  1. nichia 219c


2. nichia 365nm

365 nm UV LED


3. nichia nubm08

nubm08 450 bn blue laser


4. nichia 757

NICHIA 757H Series


5. nichia 144ar

Optic 10049 Led Nichia NV4W 144AR

Endurance means high-quality laser and ultimate tech support


6. nubm31t

7. laser diode 780 nm

660nm 780nm Dual-wavelength Laser Diodes Panasonic


8. laser diodes 1053 nm

1053nm DFB Laser Diode from QD Laser

9. ir laser diode 940nm

Sharp GH0942FA2G 940nm 250mW 260mW Infrared Laser Diode

10. laser diode green 532nm

532nm 50mW


11. NUV101E



12. Pansonic LNC431FS01WW 405nm 1w 5.6mm
13. Nichia NDG7D75E 520nm 1.5w 9mm
14. Osram PLT5450B 450nm 100mw 5.6mm
15. 1.7 watt (1700 mw) violet 405 nm laser diode

405 nm 1,7 watt laser diode datasheet
More diodes for tests

PLPT9 450LB_E_(450 5W) | 11、GH06C01A9G(640-1.2W) | GH04C01B2G (450nm 1.6W) | GH04C03A9G (455nm 3.5w) | GH04C05Y9G (450nm5w) | PLPT5 447KA(450nm1.6w) |



814nm 6W High Power B-Mount Laser Diode

814nm 6W High-Power B-Mount Laser Diode
This is an 814nm laser diode, which can output 6W optical power from its 200μm aperture. It was bonded on B-Mount, which was made in the USA. It came to us with a lot of other electronic/opto-electronic related surplus. We have 32 such lasers in stock. The lasers are brand new not used.



Our lasers are very reliable and powerful. We are ready to asssit you in our


814nm 6W B-Mount Laser Diode
CW output power (W)6.0
Peak wavelength (nm)814±3
Spectral width (nm)≤4
Threshold current (A)≤0.9
Operating current (A)≤5.8
Slope efficiency (W/A)≥1.1
Beam divergence θ×θ (deg.)8/30
Wavelength temperature coefficient (nm/℃)0.3
Emitting area (μm)200×1
Data SheetAvailable for each diode



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