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Manual for T2Laser software

Manual for T2Laser software

Personal experience with T2Laser laser engraving softare

Some parameters for engraving

Depending on what type of wood you are planning on using, your settings may differ, always do a test with
materials you are not familiar with.
The setting was speed 1000, resolution .25, power 255 (black and white).

The settings for mirrors that I found works are speed 1000, resolution .15, and power 255.
(Cheap dollar general mirrors)

One thing to remember depending on your design you may need to invert the color.
4” x 4” coaster from Michael’s ($3.50 for 4)
Speed 900, resolution .1, and power 255 (black and white).

Ceramic can be a bit tricky, if you use a gloss white tile, you must first paint it (I have found that flat white
works best for me), some have used solvent based acrylic, I use Createx opaque white(water base) which dries
into an acrylic.

When doing leather always do a test on similar scrap leather.
Settings speed 1200, resolution .265, Power 155 (dither).

Glass is treated much like ceramic, painted then burned.
Settings speed 1200, resolution .265, Power 255 (black and white).
Glass is out of a picture frame (free… until my wife finds out)

Metal backed IPad
Much like doing slate, or dark ceramic, anything that ends up engraving at a lighter contrast should have the
colors inverted.
Settings will need to be played with to find what works best for you.

If you have any problems with T2Laser Zax is very responsive to emails.

Manual for T2Laser software
A Full Manual For T2Laser

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