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Learn how to design and build my own laser CNC

Learn how to design and build my own laser CNC

 A story was written by an Endurance customer who bought an Endurance 10 watt Delux laser.

It took me about 2 years to learn how to design and build my own laser CNC.  At the cost of about $600 CAD, along with multiple lasers excluding my newest favorite laser from  ENDURANCE LASERS the 10w Deluxe.

I built a height-adjustable table unit to raise and lower the platform.  (so I can now get rid of the STACKS of CD cases).  The full unit is 22’”w 30”L  35” h .  The overall weight is 40 lb.  so it easily transports from room to room or shows.

Learn how to design and build my own laser CNC


My laser travel is  18” x 15” with the capabilities of the table travel of 7” for bigger items (without the stacks of CDs).  To make the table, I used four 1/2” threaded rods and an MDF sheet with embedded epoxy nuts.  I fabricated bike gears to the threaded rod and linked the four rods with a bike chain, underneath a small angle 24v motor to run thread rods to adjust the table height.


Learn how to design and build my own laser CNC


I also made a control box with several switches for power to the laser, as a safety feature separate from the program.  It controls the extra fans, LED lights, and a table up/down. For the control panel, I have the most basic PCB boards.  One board only does  X,Y-axis and the other board includes a few more options e.g., Z-axis and spindle control. Most likely I can just run with one board and one.

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Learn how to design and build my own laser CNC

program, I will figure that out later.  Made a Y connection between the two PCB boards just so I did not need to unplug and replug all connections.   A small terminal board on top of my rail supports the laser/spindle/3d printhead since I have multiple laser modules with different terminal connections.  This way it will be easier to add extra lights, fans, and Z-axis control units.


the 5th Axis setup a homemade servo stepper motor and geared belt to a metal 3 jaw chuck, and live center endpin adjustable in length for doing round items like coffee mugs, water bottles extra.


Learn how to design and build my own laser CNC

I started out with a program that came with the PCB board  Engraver Master.  A very good starter program for beginner hobbyists.  Now I want more power more capabilities.  Started to learn Fusion 360 CAD, just discovered the Lightburn through YouTube.


My goal is to cut and etch metals for my Jewelry hobby metal & wood lathes crafty projects.”


by Rob Blair

Calgary Ab




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