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Improvement of your laser module

Improvement of your laser module

A few days ago we made some measurements and found out that after a few minutes of continuous work the Endurance lasers can lose their power.

This applies to the lasers with 8 / 8.5 / 10 watt power output.
It is not a dramatical drop, something around 5-15%, and we can improve it!

The fact is that when the outside temperature is more than 25C (77F) the laser diode may get quite hot.
It is important that the laser temperature does not reach beyond 60-65C (150F).

New heatsinks upgrade package

We suggest that you attach an additional heatsink to your main heatsink.
You may take this 30PCS Aluminum Heatsink Cooler Fan Adhesive Kit Set for Cooling Raspberry Pi and glue it to the main heatsink.

For gluing use something like this. this.
According to our measurements, the laser becomes more powerful and durable and consumes less energy.

Step-up (Boost) DC/DC converter

The fans cooling the electronics and the laser diode consume 12V, however, if you increase the voltage up to 16-18V they will work much faster and will cool the laser diode much better.
The fans might burn out as well if you make the voltage over 18V. However, if you set up the voltage on the DC/DC boost converter in the range of 16-18V it will do its trick: cool the laser diode better.

We suggest using it.

Demo video of how fans are working on higher voltage

You will get the full package

  • Step-up (boost) DC/DC converter
  • Additional heatsinks
  • Bigger focusing ring
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pair of protective goggles
  • 3 powerful fans
  • Thermal glue (pasta)
  • Regular 3 element lens (replacement)
  • Screws, wires, connectors

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E-mail me if you have any questions:

Starting from 8-th of August all Endurance 8 / 8.5 / 10 / 10+ watt lasers will be delivered with improved heatsinks.

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