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Complex laser power measurement

Complex laser power measurement

In May 2018 I promised to all our customers and followers that we will do complex laser power measurement before every single shipment.

Laser attachments and laser engraving (marking) machines
Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from Endurance?

Real-time advice

We assist and give advice by Phone / Email / Facebook messenger / Telegram / Whatsapp / Viber.

Professional support

We help to install and tune the laser. We offer qualified after-sales support.

Everything you need

We ship everything you need in one parcel to get started.

Immediate delivery

We ship all units within 4-24 hours. DHL express delivery allows you to get the package in 3-5 days.

Lifetime warranty

All our lasers are tested and could work up to 10000 hours.

Upgrade option

Do you have an old model? Upgrade your unit with more powerful one.

The idea was very simple – to make sure that all lasers we sell are being tested properly and have no deffects.

Have a look at the video of how we do measurement of lasers before shipment.

Now we are confident and you are with us that the laser you get has real and rated power output.

So, what is important:
For different lasers you must have parameters something like this:

Laser type Recommended power supply Diode power consumption Laser heat power Average optical power Max optical power
2.1 watt 12V 2A 4.5V 1-1.5A 1-1.5 watt 1.8 watt 2.2 watt
3.5 watt 12V 3A 4.5V 1.5-2A 1.8-2.2 watt 3 watt 3.5 watt
5.6 watt 12V 4A 4.5V 2-3A 2.7-3.5 watt 5 watt 6 watt
8 watt 12V 5A 4.7V 4.5-4.5A 4-4.2 watt 7 watt 8.1 watt
8.5 watt 12V 5A 4.9V 4-5A 4.3-4.7 watt 7.2 watt 8.7 watt
10 watt 12V 5A 5V 4-6A 4.8 – 5.2 watt 8.5 watt 10 watt
10 watt+ 12V 5A 5V 5-7A 5 – 5.5 watt 8.6 watt 10.5 watt

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know

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