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How to solve a case if you mess with your Eleksmaker Mana board firmware

How to solve a case if you mess with your Eleksmaker Mana board firmware


There are different reasons your original firmware is not working well and we will help you solve common issues you may come across. With these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to configure and use your laser. Your laser will work perfectly after these instructions.


Getting started with Endurance diode lasers – focusing, settings, parameters, misc


With proper diagnostics, it can be an easy fix for your board. The reason a problem arises can be from both hardware and software configurations. It is always a good idea to check the parameters of your laser wiring to know if they are properly set up to deliver power to your laser and if they are impeded or even set up wrongly. The software configuration is also very important and should be paid close attention to. This can also mean outdated firmware that an Arduino comes with and renders it incompatible with other software.


Troubleshooting for an Endurance lasers


With your board ready, identify your TTL and you can solder your TTL wires directly to your D11 Arduino and the ground. D11 on the Arduino board is also PWM. PWM is used to power your laser and it is a vital cable for your entire machine.

After soldering, you can now begin configuring your software.


To upload the new software Use the X loader software and check the configurations. The speed should be set at the appropriate bit rate.

Once you are ready, you can now upload the firmware.

Once the firmware is uploaded, you will be able to start laser cutting and laser engraving on different programs.


Software that is recommended Laser master, to run with your machines and you can do various operations with the software. The laser will enable you to customize power and speed. It is also great for beginners.


Replacing the board and setting up proper configurations can make your machine run like new.

You can find the GRBL download in the Endurance download center.

Download center: laser engraving programs, software tools, plugins & extensions, STL files. Everything you need for your laser module, laser cutting and laser engraving.



The laser power can be adjusted to minimum and maximum. You will be able to see the intensity of the laser when set on max.


The firmware for GRBL can be found in the Endurance download center and downloaded.

GRBL is a very good software for both experienced and beginners for laser engraving and laser cutting. GRBL is also mainly universal and can work across several programs.


If you are using Lightburn, you can upload the previous settings.

You can try different settings and power to try out the performance of the changes. The laser can be configured to start at low power to understand what is the level of power at that low power. The laser can also be set at high power and the changes should be noticeable.



About Eleksmaker boards-

This board is for laser engraving and laser cutting. Identifying your pin ports is one of the first things to do when using the board.

Checking your connection for good ground and PWM will allow you to start up your laser with an Arduino board. The mainboard itself doesn’t easily show the ground for someone inexperienced. Checking your mana board will help to understand more of the problems that are occurring.


With these instructions, we hope this helps to troubleshoot and get your Eleskmaker to be working like new.


I know that many of you decide to change firmware on your DIY engraving machines.

What do you need to know if something went wrong and then you face a problem with your board?
1. Very simple – upload new GRBL1.1 firmware.
2. Solder TTL wires to D11 Arduino pin + GND.
3. Run either GRBL or Engravermaster software.

Full and detailed guidance

How to upgrade your original Eleksmaker – a universal laser engraver MANA SE board that comes on the A3 frame and possibly others.

Your mana board comes with GRBL 0.9 version which does not support power control with most software.
You’ll need to upgrade to GRBL 1.1f. This is a simple process with the free T2 laser trial. I got mine from the following link (). There
might be other sources for it though.

Go ahead and have your mana board UNPLUGGED from an outside power source, we will only be using USB
power to upgrade it. Connect your board to your computer using USB, noting the com# it is on.
Open up T2laser and install the trial version. From there go to file, control laser. On the new window select your com port on the right side top empty box. After that click connect(Lighting symbol).
It should verify in the bottom portion connected, it will also tell you what version of GRBL it is currently on.
Then press machine, custom firmware and you’ll be using 1.1f high freq PWM, then hit confirm. The software will then finish and should disconnect your board. You should be done, I then connect to my board again and confirm I am
on GRBL 1.1f! Now you should have better control of your laser with software such as LightBurn.
–written by Juan Perez

a video on how to add your eleksmaker mana se board to lightburn. Should work for any gbrl device. Please notice the pauses.





Enjoy your laser engraving and laser cutting.



About Eleksmaker – a universal laser engraver GRBL Mana board. How to wire the laser properly and check pins


Upgrading of a board with the GRBL firmware for laser engraving using Makerbase MKS 2 DLC board


Upgrading of a board with the Marlin firmware for laser engraving using an RAMPS 1.4 board as an example.



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