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We are building a new PWM for our lasers

Characteristics of the prototype look like this

  • PWM frequency 6 kHz
  • Power supply 9 – 12 V
  • OLED display 128×32 points
  • Current stabilization from 1 to 5.5 A
  • Laser radiator temperature sensor
  • Resource counter in hours.
  • The possibility of manual adjustments.
  • External control input with galvanic isolation.
  • Step-down DC / DC converter based on Texas Instruments LM25119 two-phase synchronous controller. Input voltage: 12-14V.
    Output voltage: 1.5-3V.
    Maximum operating output current: 60A.
    Efficiency: approximately 85-87%.
    Built-in PWM controller with power key.
    PWM frequency control: 300Hz.
    Adjusting the duty ratio: 0..100%.

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