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How to Make an Original Book for Recipes – a DIY cookbook

a DIY cookbook

Task: to make a beautiful recipe book

Despite the fact that in 21st century when most of the housewives prefer to electronically add to favorites the recipes they like, still there are people who write down recipes to their note- or cookbooks. Our grandmas did write their favorite recipes to their notebooks and passed them to younger generations. Today some people keep writing their own cookbooks so that in the future to pass their recipe collections to the next generation.

Here we describe one of the ways how to make an original cookbook with one’s own hands.

We’ll need:
– a laser machine for cutting plywood with 10 watt SE laser

– plywood, 3 mm thick
– paper sheets for notebooks 
– a string

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  1. First of all we need to measure the paper sheet size and make its outline in CoralDraw. Thus, we’ll know the position of the holes in the future cookbook. Then, on the basis of the page size we create a book jacket and save it as a vector file to be imported to the machine program.

cook book

How to Make an Original Book for Recipes - a DIY cookbook


Download g-code (GRBL 1.1H)



  1. We cut out the book jacket using the parameters suitable for our machine.
  2. Now we need to assemble everything together. We run the string through all the holes and fasten down its ends. Don’t fasten it too tight, so that you could easily turn over the pages. We used a jute string, you can use whatever you like.

DIY notebook

a DIY cook book


It took us about an hour to make an original useful thing for a household.


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