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George I Fomitchev is chairing a Horasis USA Meeting on 4-th of March 2022

Horasis 2022

Virtual Event, 4 March 2022
Horasis USA Meeting
Shaping America’s Role in the Post-COVID World



George I Fomitchev, CEO and founder of Endurance lasers  will be chairing the panel discussion “Policing the Web”

18.30-19.15 US Eastern Time 4-th of March 20222


Policing the Web

All agree that the Web needs to be controlled to halt pornography, negate violence, and refute fake news: we don’t agree on the mechanism of policing. Is this a case of politicians failing to define what is needed, and accept their responsibility? Will deferring action to private firms induce slow and cautious change as firms guard themselves against legal challenges? How best initiate beneficial change?

• Preeyam Budhia, President, Business Development, Patton Group of Companies, India

• Maxim Jago, Futurist, Filmmaker, and Author, United Kingdom

• Petah Marian, Founder, Future Narrative, Australia

• John Montgomery, Founder, Lex Ultima, USA

• Mavis Yaa Bermudez, Chief Executive Officer, Cardinal Security Services, Ghana

Chaired by

• George I. Fomitchev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Endurance, USA



About Horasis: Horasis – a global visions community committed to inspiring our future – provides a unique platform for companies from emerging and developed markets to globalize their organizations. In addition to the Horasis Extraordinary Meeting, Horasis hosts the annual Horasis Global Meeting, Horasis India Meeting, Horasis China Meeting, Horasis Asia Meeting, as well as the annual gatherings of the Horasis Visionary Circle.


Following the success of the 2021 Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA, Horasis has decided to hold this meeting on an annual basis. On 4 March 2022, Horasis will convene a digitally-mediated meeting focused on the USA with the focus on the country’s future, and its influence on the rest of the globe. Given the imminence of the USA’s mid-term elections, we will ask how its governance base might shift, and thus relationships within the nation itself and abroad.


How will its foreign relations change towards Europe and across the Asia-Pacific region, especially with China? And while the USA previously has welcomed immigrants, like many developed nations, it is reconsidering its position. How will the USA reconcile its falling birth rate and lower expected lifespan with the clamour of immigrants who wish to come to the country? And with it, how will it keep on attracting forward-thinking and technically capable people?


Within the Horasis USA Meeting, we offer to advance a viable recovery for all nations – envisioning and implementing novel business models, new political cooperation, and deeper social cohesion. Delegates will discuss how to uplift business ideals, goals, and roles to reach a better future. How to embrace diversity and be gender inclusive across the world? Are crypto-currencies a way forward for nations with a weaker banking and finance segment?


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