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10 Best 3D Printed Gifts for your Mom in 2022

The best gift for your mom
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3D printers have been around for a few years, but their popularity has really begun to take off in the last few years. 3D printing is a great way to make personalized gifts that are unique and interesting. In this article, we will list some of the best 3D printed gifts for moms to celebrate mother’s day. I understand that mother’s day is a few months away, but this article will ensure that you are well prepared for that!

Before we have a look at the best 3D prints for mother’s day, it’s common knowledge that a mum is a hard person to shop for no matter how old you get, she’s always been there and will continue to be. So what better way than with 3D printed gifts that show her just how much we appreciate everything she does! Here’s our list of the top 3D Printed Gifts for Mom. Follow along!

1) 3D Printed Mother’s Day Vase

3D printed vases are other interesting 3D prints for mother’s day gifts. Below are three interesting vases for mother’s day 3D print ideas!

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Twisted Heart Vase

Twisted Heart Vase

A mother’s day gift idea that is simple but elegant. Presenting this as a gift is like offering your heart to her and whatever your mom does with it she will always be remembering you. The designer 3D printed the vase using a heat-sensitive filament that could change color. You can check out the video tutorial to learn how it works.

The design has more than 200 downloads on Myminifactory and more than 4200 views.

Print Settings

  • Print in red or you can paint in red after 3D printing.
  • Use a layer height of 0.25mm
  • Set infill to 0
  • The design takes around 1 hour and 18min to 3D print and it requires 26.4g of filament.

Where to get it from? Gyrobot Via Myminifactory or on Thingiverse.


Snowflake Vase

Snowflake Vase

Interested in gifting your mom a vase? This snowflake vase is undoubtedly one of the interesting 3D print ideas for mother’s day that you should consider. Your mum can use it to store flowers, or even use it to keep her art. 84 people have managed to download and 3D print this design and even upload replicas on Thingiverse.

Where to get it from? Amitnehra via Thingiverse.


Angel Vase

Angel Vase

The next mother’s day 3D print gift idea is the above simple but beautiful angel vase. The vase can be printed in any color and the pendant can be customized with your mother’s initials or a special message.

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Print settings

  1. It’s recommended to use rafts.
  2. The designer recommends printing smaller prints as large prints can overhang too much.

Where to get it from? Kleiner via Thingiverse


2) Funny Toothbrush Stand

Funny Toothbrush Stand

Fun 3D printed toothbrush stand by muzz64. Via Thingiverse.

The first gift idea is the above simple toothbrush stand that can be 3D printed using different colors.  Because brushing teeth is a daily routine, whenever your mom goes to brush her teeth, she will definitely be seeing it and remembers it as a gift that you gave to her and definitely that will melt her heart. It’s easier to print and it uses less filament. It can accommodate all types of tooth brushes of different sizes as well as electric toothbrushes.

48 makers have managed to download and 3D print this design on Thingiverse.

Suggested Printing Settings

  • Use a resolution of about 0.20mm (standard)
  • Infill settings: Use 3 shells and 75 % infill. This makes them durable and strong.
  • PLA is the most recommended material for 3D printing, though other materials can do the task well too.
  • There are not many post-processing processing activities to be done.

Where to download it from: Muzz64 Via Thingiverse.


3. Perspective Art (I Love You 3D Message)

Perspective Art (I Love You 3D Message)

Mother’s gift perspective art. Image source: Designs 33 Via Cults3D

This is another interesting 3D printed gift option that you can print. You can download the files and customize it based on your needs like adding her name in a 3D modeling software like  Onshape, Blender, or SelfCAD before slicing then 3D print, or you can also 3D print as it is then engrave her name or something else interesting using a laser machine. If you have a 3D printer, you can easily laser engrave using our powerful endurance lasers that are reliable and affordable that you can easily attach to your 3D printer.

The 3D model has been downloaded more than 700 times on Cults3D.

3D Printing Settings

  • It’s recommended to 3D print in 2 layers
  • Use Supports when 3D printing

Where to get it from? Designs 33 Via Cults3D.


4. Super Rose Flowers

Super Rose Flowers

Beautiful rose with petals. Image source: 3Dprintersuperstore via Thingiverse

Does your mom like flowers? Surprise her with these amazing and beautiful 3D printed flowers on mother’s day. These rose flowers are easy to 3D print and in addition to being a perfect gift for mother’s day, it can also be given out during Valentine’s day.

3D printable files can be found on Thingiverse and more than 85 makers have managed to download the files and 3D printed them.

Printing Settings

There are no specific printing settings provided by the designer, but the users who 3D printed the roses posted in their comments recommndations for 3D printing: a scale of 50% and a layer height of 0.2mm. Another maker suggested that because the flowers are very large, it’s good to have a stand to hold them.

Where to get it from? 3Dprintersuperstore via Thingiverse.


5. Themed Bracelets

Themed Bracelets

The above 3D printed themed bracelets are one of the perfect gifts for mother’s day. It has been designed to fit well on most wrists. Just like the perfect art gift described above, it can also be personalized to fit one’s needs. The files have been downloaded more than 40 times on GrabCAD.

Printing Settings

  • For smaller or larger wrists, the designer recommends scaling from a range of 5-10% upwards or downwards.
  • Print at a layer height of 0.12mm.
  •  Set infill to 30%.
  • The designer recommends utilizing raft or brim.
  • Post-processing is needed.

Where to download it from? Alex Massey via GrabCAD.


6. Personalized Ready to Print Rose Lamp

Personalized Ready to Print Rose Lamp

3D printed rose lithophane: Image source: Myminifactory

This is  another interesting gift for mother’s day. You can 3D print it so that the mother can place it either on the setting or even in the bedroom whereby when light is shone on it the rose flowers are seen. Instead of using the flowers, you can also use her favorite picture and this will definitely make it more interesting.

The files can be found on MyMinifactory and there have been more than 700 downloads already and at least 9, 000 views.

How it Was done and Printing settings

  • Use rose and camellia as basic reliefs. If you want to customize the design, you can use your own images.
  • Lithophanes were used as walls.
  • Natural ABS is the most recommended material to use and white PLA can also do well.
  • To prevent the material from melting or warping, it’s recommended to use low energy bulbs, such as LED

Where to get it from? 3DWP via MyMinifactory


7. 3D Printed Mother’s Day Present

There are a lot of 3D models available dedicated purposely for mother’s day. We have highlighted several great 3D printed gifts for moms in this section. They include:

Mom Cake Topping

Mom Cake Topping

When mother’s day is approaching and because of one reason or another you are not able to shop for a cake and you would like to make it yourself, you can prepare it and then decorate it using the above design and I am sure the mom will really appreciate it and will definitely put a smile on her face.

Printing settings

  • Creality Ender 3D printer was used (any other FDM printer can do it too)
  • Use a resolution of 200.
  • Use an infill size of 20.
  • Esun filament can be used.

Where to get it from: Woodyhelou via Thingiverse


Mother’s Day Sculpture

Mother’s Day Sculpture

The above mother’s day sculpture was designed by 3D artist, Khaled Alkhayed. Though it’s a simple 3D print for mother’s day, it can occupy the biggest part in the heart of your mom.  You can customize this 3D printed gift for mom and add other details like name tags.

More than 250 people have downloaded and 3D printed this mother’s day sculpture.

Printing settings

  • Use a medium resolution
  • Use infill of 10%
  • It doesn’t need supports

Where to get it from? Makeprintable via Thingiverse


Mother’s Day Planter Label

Mother’s Day Planter Label

This 3D print for mother’s day can be 3D printed and attached to the flowers or can be used to decorate the cake. It was created by rkxone and who also included photos of how the mother’s day gift can be attached to the flowers.

Where to get it from? Rkxone via Thingiverse


8) 3D Printed Picture Frame

3D Printed Picture Frame 

A Mother’s day 3D print that you can consider gifting your mom to serve as a picture frame. It was designed by G3Dprinting and at least 38 people have managed to download and 3D printed this model.

Printing instructions

  • Use supports to ensure easy 3D printing.
  • Print flat on the bed.
  • Post-processing activities are required. Light sanding can be done after printing.

Where to get it from? G3dprinting via Thingiverse


9. Mother’s Day Cookie Cutter

Mother’s Day Cookie Cutter

Is your mum a fan of baking cookies? If yes, you can 3D print the above mother’s day gift and use it to cut out cookies or biscuit doughs and give it to her on that special day. Customized cookies on mother’s day will definitely melt her heart away. This 3D printed gift for mom was designed by Designs 610 and it has more than 869 downloads on cults3D.

The package comes in three files: A cutter that is all in one, another cutter and a maker.  Unlike the rest described in this article that are free, this costs 2.50 euros but this amount can be compared to the benefits you will get by using this design.

Where to get it from? Designs 610 Via Cults3D


10) 3D Printed Jewelry Stand

3D Printed Jewelry Stand

Vonoroi 3D printed Heart Jewelry. Image source: Thingiverse

An interesting mother’s day 3D print gift that you can print and gift your mom to serve as a jewelry stand. With the correct amount of retraction and support, it can be 3D printed easily. To add more weight to the stand so that it can be firm, the designer recommends attaching a steel plate on the bottom.

Print Settings

  • Wanhao Duplicator 3D printer was used.
  • It requires supports.
  • Use a resolution of 0.1mm.
  • Use an infill size of 100%, and 50% for the stand.

Where can it be found? Unwohlpol via Thingiverse



If you’re looking for the perfect 3D printed gift for your Mum for the upcoming mother’s day, look no further! The above list of the best 3D printed gifts will make your work easier as you can choose any and 3D print. As mentioned also, you can always customize them based on your needs and add more details like a name and any wordings you would like in a 3D modeling software before slicing and printing. Also after 3D printing, you can even engrave on them using our powerful lasers.


Which one will you choose? Comment below!


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