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Endurance 10 Watt Invincible Plus Installed on a Bob’s CNC E3

Endurance 10 Watt Invincible Plus Installed on a Bob’s CNC E3

Note: I tried this installation based on recommendations on the Endurance Facebook group and instructions found on the JTech Photonics sites. None of them worked. I could fire the laser but PWM would not work. When I entered $32=1 in Grbl I received an error message. I had corresponded with Dennis Von Hoof of Top o’ Arts who sells a laser documentation package (modified Grbl and mount design) for Bob’s CNC E3 and E4 models sometime before I considered and Endurance and knew that he was an honest guy with a great reputation.

Initial setup:

  1. Bob’s CNC E3
  2. CNC Shield 3.0 with Grbl 1.1g

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Mounting was/is a small issue, but I now have it so that it is as stable as the X and Z axes will allow.

I first had to revert from Grbl 1.1g (which Bob’s had modified to defeat the laser option – understandable since the entire frame is made of plywood) to Dennis’s 1.1f. After flashing the controller, I made the following wiring and Grbl changes (I had tried this with Grbl 1.1g but could not enable Laser mode):

  1. Moved Z+ END STOP to the SpnEn pins
  2. Connected Endurance PWM/TTL wires to Z+ END STOP
  3. In Lightburn I entered $32=1 without an error message
  4. In Lightburn I entered $30=255

From then on it was just a matter of configuring Lightburn to Bob’s Grbl (apart from a 5.5 Watt I have on a 3018 PRO.

I am easily cutting 3-layer 3.4 mm Baltic Birch plywood (density of .7094 g/cm3) @ 200 mm/min, 100% power in 3 passes and 3-layer Poplar plywood (density of .4565 g/cm3) @ 140 mm/min, 100% power in 3 passes with a G8 lens. Am also having similar results with the 3 element lens.

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For smoke extraction I am using a 195 CFM inline duct fan purchased from Amazon, It’s not perfect but the duct hose can easily be moved from Roberta to my 3018 PRO and 3D printer.

I slapped together a shield, held on with Velcro, so I didn’t need to wear glasses all the time in the shop.

My router works fine with this configuration, including touch plate. To use my IOT relay I just swap the laser PWM connections to the relay.

One issue that I continue to have is when I power the 2 onboard fans condensation to form on the body of the laser and drips onto the work piece. For the time being I am running without the fans and laser body temp has not risen above 39 degrees.

Like I said, “she ain’t beautiful but she’s got a great personality”.


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