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Inside the laser diode (NICHIA NUBM44 / NUBM47)

Inside the alser diode


Do you want to see inside the laser diode?!  Join our journey!


Live video journey inside the laser diode with 100 x optical zoom


I know that many of you dreamed to look inside the laser diode.

Today I made a few images of that.


This is NICHIA NUBM44 / NUBM47.

We use 1000X digital zoom with this digital microscope >>>

Using a digital microscope for laser beam focusing


Some pictures of the laser diode. Measuring sizes.

NUBM44 laser diode
NUBM44 laser diode
NUBM44 laser diode

Structure of the laser diode

A structure of the laser diode
Laser diode - structure

Improve your 3D printer / CNC with the Endurance laser

Endurance has made a measurement of the emitting area and we got results in microns (Height X Width): 35+-5% x 250+-5% uM.


Laser beam parameters for NICHIA NUBM44 / NUBM47 laser diodes


The diode with weak light. Corrupted (damaged) crystal.

NUBM47 laser diode
Anode wiring

NUBM47 laser diode
NUBM47 laser diode
NUBM47 laser diode
NUBM47 laser diode
Connecting wires to the crystal (top view)

NUBM47 laser diode
Inside laser diode
3 layers: laser diode structure

Inside laser diode

Wires to the crystal were burned

Inside laser diode

Sizes of the laser diode.

Inside laser diode - size

Size of emitting spot of the laser diode
Size of the emitting laser spot.

Inside a NICHIA NUBM47 (next model after NUBM44) laser diode

Good diode

Burned diode (burnt threads)


If you have a problem with the laser. It stopped cutting or engraving – remove the lens and explore the laser beam.

A detailed video showing good vs. bad laser beam spot (unfocused)


Excellent diode picture

Damaged diode



Another example of a burned (dead) diode (collapsed laser beam form – unfocused)

The rectangle is no longer distinguished.


The rectangle has some damages inside (could happen when the dust hits the exit mirror on the diode and burns on its surface)


Laser power loss on 2 feet range


Learn more about Endurance laser componts >>>


If you have any more questions about laser diodes, laser beam quality, and laser power – you may ask us in a Livechat and we will be happy to assist you!

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