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X-ray laser thoughts

X-ray laser thoughts

This weekend I read some articles and watched a few video about X-ray laser.

This one is very good video explaining the principle of the X-ray laser.

What I understand is that:

1. You need hot plasma (probably 1-10M K) with active gas, more likely mercury, cesium or something similar.
2. You need very well focused and powerful initial laser beam. Probably with a wavelength 400-450 nm and with impulse power of 1-2kW
3. X-ray spectrum detector and interferometer to measure if X-ray appeared after the laser beam have hit the plasma.

There are several unknow parameters to run the experiment:

1. What plasma do you need?
2. What plasma temperature should be?
3. What laser beam do you need: wavelength, power and beam size?

It is uknown at the end

1. If new reemitted X-rays will be coherent?
2. If new reemitted X-rays will be monochromatic?
3. If new reemitted X-rays will focused or have low divergence?

That is just a beginning…

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