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Upcoming improvements for Endurance lasers

Upcoming improvements for Endurance lasers

In July 2018 Endurance finished to make some improvements of Endurance lasers. Here some improvements of it: Ventilation gill slits; Power indicator; TEC cooling; Marking of the laser; A bigger focusing ring; A thermal sensor; Moldings; Additional design elements; Lighter blow-out covers; Setup focus; A small 3D printed box for an Endurance MO1 PCB; Thermal pasta; A Zener diode; An additional step down DC/DC converter; An Arduino board; Acrylic signes; Additional laser mounts and laser connectors; A shining polished aluminum housing; Final finishing.

1. Ventilation gill slits. We plan to make at least 2-3 horizontal slits in the housing 3-4 cm long to allow additional air flow to improve the laser cooling system.

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2. Power indicator. We want to add an additional LED diode to indicate the laser on/off mode.

3. TEC cooling. Powerful lasers such as: like 8.5 watt and 10 watt need additional cooling. An additional TEC cooling heatsink (Thermoelectric Cooler) will be an option for more efficient cooling of the laser diode.

4. Marking of the laser. We are going to add the Endurance logo and marking indicating the laser power and other important tec information.

5. A bigger focusing ring. We plan to replace a small focusing ring for a bigger one, (3-4 cm ~1.25” in diameter) to make laser focusing easier.

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6. A thermal sensor. To prevent lasers from overheating due to unspecified reasons we are going to equip them with thermal sensors so that our customers could control the laser diode temperature and turn off the laser if needed.

7. Moldings. We want to hide screws under nice and chrome moldings.

8. Additional desing elements. We ordered a few very nice design jewlery elements that we can add on our laser module. These elements will also be fuctional.

9. Lighter blow-out covers. We used 3 mm acrylic as an additional cooling cover for an 8.5 watt laser and now we are going to use 2-2.3 mm acrylic (to make it lighter).

10. Setup focus. We are going to make lasers with a preset focus and mark every single laser with its focal range to save our customers from any issues with laser focusing. It will make engraving and cutting process easier.

11. A small 3D printed box for an Endurance MO1 PCB. We are going to ship Endurance MO1 PCBs in small boxes. and it did not look nice, now we made an open source STL design for an Endurance MO1 PCB.

12. Thermal pasta. We plan to use a better quality thermal pasta.

13. A zener diode. A DC/DC module that we are using right now sometimes have an unexpected voltage jump which can break the laser diode, that is why we will add a zener diode to keep laser diode safe.

14. An additional step down DC/DC converter. Some CNC machines have a 24V outout, to which you cannot connect the laser. We plan to offer step down DC/DC converters with a LED voltage indicator.

15. An arduino board. To change the laser power externaly from your compuater you can use an Arduino with our sketch (firmware).

16. Acrylic signes. We plan to add some acrylic signes and small protective coverage for the laser.

17. Additional laser mounts and laser connectors. To avoid issues with laser mounting and connecting, to reduce additional metalwork or wiring / soldering we are going to complete a laser set with a variety of different connectors.

18. A shining polished aluminum housing. We believe that a shining houseing will make our laser look greater and stand out on the laser market.

19. Final finishing. We plan to cover rough surfaces of the ready laser module with high quality varnish to smoothen them for final finishing.

Increasing power of 10 watt laser. We got a 32.5 watt of a pure power consumption of a 10 watt laser diode. The maximum power output is more than 10 watts (further measurement will be made).

Endurance 10 watt (10000 mW) laser

I hope, we did not miss anything.
If you have any comments, please post them below! Supporters are welcome!

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