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Everything about Endurance lasers – advancing the future of laser cutting & engraving

Everything about Endurance lasers - advancing the future of laser cutting & engraving

This article shows all the information about Endurance lasers. You will see more technological options. Here are 7 main advantages of Endurance products. And will be given more detailed options.

Endurance laser is a complicated high-tech device compatible with any 3D printer / CNC machine / XY plotter.

The key function of Endurance laser is to engrave / cut / etch / weld.

Technological stack of Endurance lasers.
The heart of Endurance laser is NICHIA 445 nm powerful diodes in TO5 / TO9 / TO18 mounts.
All diodes are securely installed (collimated) into copper or aluminum housing.
This housing allows to add different lens either 3 element (long focal) lens or G-2 (short focal) lens.
Endurance lens have marked labels where the best focus is archieved.
This housing is carefully installed into effective ASSMANN heatsink. Different lasers have different heatsinks.
To spead up the heat we use high quality thermal conductive paste.

The laser diode requires stabilized current and a very accurately voltage settings.
Endurance makes our own laser controller board with a stabilitron at the end of the board.
Laser controller board has DC/DC converter that allows laser unit to operate 9-16V range and has TTL (PWM) wire.
TTL allows to change power (intensity) while you do laser cutting / laser engraving.

We develope an Endurance MO1 PCB for external power supply due to the fact that some mainboard do not have enogh power for feeding Endurance laser – then simply add Endurance MO1 PCB and get external power source to the laser.

More technological options can be added by request
– TEC cooling system.
– Additional step up or step down DC/DC converter.
– Build – in Wi-Fi camera.
– Additional actuator (stepper motor).
– Temperature sensor.
– Voltmeter / Voltmeter and Ammeter.
– Arduino power controller.
– Additional On/Off button.
Learn more about useful accessories:

Key Technological Advantages
– Effective current stabilizing schematic preventing diode from overclocking.
– Highly effective air cooling system keeping diode cold.
– Compatible mounting system allowing to hook the laser to any chassis.
– Tuned and labeled lens facilitating the adjustment of a laser focus.
– Advanced Endurance MO1 PCB allowing feed the laser from external power supply.
– Addional TTL wire enabling adjust the power of the laser.
– Light weight of the laser module reduces the momentum of inertia.

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