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The ENDURANCE DPSS 4 Watt-Laser. How to Install It on NEJE Laser Engravers

4 watt DPSS laser aluminum engraving

A real story by Endurance customer!


My Name is Bruce Benson 11-8-2021. I became a proud recipient of my brand new Endurance DPSS 4 Watt-laser marker.

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(Step 1)

Hang on to the box, it is heavy.

Endurance lasers 4 watt DPSS package


(Step 2)

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Set the package down securely and clear off plenty of space next to your laser engraver.


(Step 3)

Open the box and you will find all the goodies inside. On top you will find eye protection in the form of laser glasses, a DPSS 4 watt-Laser Module plus an extra focal tube, an adjustable mounting bracket, a power control box with a led display, a 110 v power supply, and a large black DPSS control box with 4 fans. The three boxes and the DPSS 4 watt laser Module are pre-wired, so please be careful when you remove them from the package. These items are quite the hand full.



(step 4)


Elevate your NEJE laser engraving machine to clear the new laser module.


Adjust the supplied black mounting bracket to fit your laser supplied.


Attach the laser mounting bracket to your NEJE Engraving machine.

(4d) Attach the red and black leads (from the bag of small wires) to the black power box and to the 4 pin NEJE laser connector wire. The red is a positive lead, the black is a ground lead. Using the pin connectors supplied, put the pin connector on the jumper wire and pin into the NEJE red to the red an the black to the black. Next, with a small screwdriver attach the red wire to the “+” mark and the black wire to the “–“ mark next to the leads that are already connected. You will have two empty spots where no wires are needed to be connected.

(4e) AC hookup. Plug the 110-volt adapter into the AC plug round leads. Before you power on, move the attached laser module around to be sure you’re not going to have it run into any obstructions.


In the Lightburn program be sure to set the laser not to go to the finish position without a custom adapter, The tube will run into the leg of the NEJE Master 2s machine.

Note, When you engrave, set your engraver not to go to the Home position after engraving. I have found this helpful to stop lines going to the home location. Forgoing to the home position set the black box to swi power 0.00 to kill power to the engraver. This is due to the NEJE controller. It leaves the laser on very low power when returning to home.

I have since designed a new mounting system just for the DPSS 4 watt Endurance laser. Pictured below is a raised NEJE laser and black box connection.

A Dynamic PWM


The NEJE Master 2s frameworks well support the DPSS 4 watt engraver by Endurance. There is one troublesome issue that can be resolved by installing an MKs DLC control board. This is the issue with the NEJE board. There is no way to shut power to the low power signal of the laser module. The DPSS has its own low power signal to the laser module. Combined with the NEJE, this gives a double low power to the DPSS module and ends in trace marks on every engraving from the home position to the project, to home again and on, jumping across engravings no matter what setting you use in LightBurn. Changing out the control board should improve drastically the quality of engravings in all your metal projects. I will be updating on this change out in the near future. I will continue testing with my NEJE and MK S board shortly.

4 watt DPSS laser engraving

You can improve the NEJE DPSS engraving by using the switch to SW1 power 0 one move to the object area. Then” start & stop” engraving fast to keep the laser closed in on the start area of the object to be engraved. Then switch the switch to SW0 to start engraving from that point. Note, when the object is engraved then switch to SW1 before removing the object or homing your laser.

You can do some very nice engravings with the DPSS 4 watt-laser engraver module with its super fine focus point. The DPSS 4 watt laser module is a fine laser engraver for all metals. Mountings that I designed are pictured below. The first was to use the Endurance adapter with the NEJE module holder. The second mount was even better. Both are offset to avoid collision with the NEJE Master 2s support.

3d printed laser mount

Additional laser mounts (STLs, 3D models, images)


Engraving Aluminum.

4 watt DPSS laser aluminum engraving
4 watt DPSS laser aluminum engraving


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