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Laser kapton cutting – all you need to know

Kapton film

Laser Kapton cutting with 10 PLUS PRO laser installed on CNC 3018


Watch a live video of kapton laser processing


Cutting straight lines. Checking no charring effect.

The best laser setting parameters
1) speed 750 mm / min, power 15%, passes 7
2) speed 750 mm / min ,power 20%, passes 3
3) speed 750 mm / min ,power 20%, passes 4
4) speed 750 mm / min,  power 20%, passes 3


Checking kapton laser cutting (high resolution 100x digital camera) – no charring or melted edges.


Circuit board on Kapton

How to make your own flexible PCB


Another test with DIY galvoscanner

Our installation

We are using:

– an Endurance 10W DPSS 1064nm laser

– an Endurance DIY galvo

– aspherical lens 1064NNLENS F160-110X110 mm


Focal range = 194 mm


Laser  parameters for a DIY galvo:

Speed: 45mm/sec

Power: 50%

Loop Count 6

Time for one plate 15 sec.


A circuit

A DIY circuit

Photo of the best result with galvoscanner



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