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Laser mosquito trap

Laser mosquito trap

Day before yesterday I had a very bad sleep because of mosquitos.

Endurance made a laser mosquito trap. It would be wrong to say that there are no mosquitoes, but they are MUCH less.

Was a nightmare!!!

I decided to make a laser mosquito trap.

So, how does it work?!

Really simple:
1. I mounted the laser outside the room.
laser mount outside

2. Turned on the laser unfocused aiming at a brick wall

3. Have put a building mesh nearby

building mesh
4. Connected 12V 1A to the building mesh.

5. Left this construction and went to bed.

I would not say that there were no mosquito at all but I would say that there were much MUCH less.

In the morning I found a graveyard of mosquito on on the windowsill)))

Looked like this in the night

laser mosquito trap

A graveyard of mosquito on on the windowsill

laser mosquito trap

I would suggest to use 2.1 watt / 3.5 watt lasers for that.
You do not need a lot of power to attract moquito.

My next experiment will be to use 8.5 watt and 10 watt laser by tring to burn them without using the building mesh.

Endurance means high-quality laser and ultimate tech support

Comments are welcome

And what do you think about this?!

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